Urgent Care for Children :: Now Seeing Adults Curbside

We love partnering with Urgent Care for Children, and we are grateful for all the services they offer. This is sponsored content.

We at Birmingham Moms Collective love Urgent Care for Children. Not only do they have three Birmingham area locations (Trussville, 280, and Vestavia Hills), convenient operating hours, telemedicine visits, and curbside COVID-19 testing, they now offer curbside COVID, flu, and strep testing for adults!

Yes, you read that correctly. Trust me, once strep and flu season hits full-force, you’re going to want to remember this convenient option. Urgent Care for Children is graciously offering this new option as a service to the community. It’s also a way to alleviate the current burden on other area medical providers.

If you despise germy waiting rooms as much as I do, this is surely music to your ears. Simply go to the telemedicine link on their website, fill out the required information, and schedule your online appointment. Once the doctor discusses your symptoms with you further, the doctor will determine if you need a flu and/or strep swab.

If a swab is needed, the doctor will have you come onsite, park your car, and someone will come out to your car to administer the test(s). You don’t even have to unbuckle! Once you’re swabbed, you’re free to go back home and rest. If your test comes back positive, the doctor will let you know and call in any needed prescriptions.

Get Your Flu Shot

Did you also know that you and your family can get your flu shot at Urgent Care for Children any day, any time, without an appointment? Yes, it’s true! Urgent Care for Children administers flu shots for age six months through adult. Talk about a one-stop shop!

Don’t Forget COVID-19 (As If That’s Possible)

With all the talk of the impending flu season, we can’t forget that COVID-19 still poses a serious risk within our community and world at large. Did you know that Urgent Care for Children was one of the first COVID-19 testing spots in our state starting back in March? They have the testing system streamlined and can handle large testing volumes.

Urgent Care for Children offers PCR testing (which yields results in 2-3 days) at all locations. Rapid tests are offered at Highway 280 and Vestavia Hills right now, but there are plans to expand rapid testing to all locations. Adults and children are tested for COVID curbside in an entirely contactless experience from start to finish. Urgent Care for Children uses a state-of-the-art online paperwork system to make everything flow as efficiently as possible for staff and those being tested.

An Ounce of Prevention . . . 

Remember to continue to wear your masks and wash your hands regularly. Urgent Care for Children offers further tips and tricks to keep you healthy this winter.

We’re all in this together. And it’s reassuring to know Urgent Care for Children is open 365 days a year for all your medical needs (even broken bones, allergies, ear infections, an in-house pharmacy, and most anything else you might need)!