COVID-19 :: Testing and Advisories from Urgent Care for Children


This is not a drill. The coronavirus known as COVID-19 has arrived in Alabama, and it is time for everyone to work together for the protection of the community.

Urgent Care for Children provided us information on their testing as well as what we all need to do to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Testing at Urgent Care for Children

Urgent Care for Children is offering COVID-19 testing for patients ages 0 to 21 at all five locations (Birmingham/Highway 280, Vestavia Hills, Madison, Tuscaloosa, and Trussville).

We strongly encourage patients to utilize our telemedicine portal first to be screened for COVID-19. From there, we will send the patient to their nearest UC4C location for curbside testing.

We are also encouraging patients with other illnesses to utilize the telemedicine platform to avoid the waiting room and receive quality care from one of our pediatric providers straight from their home.

Note: We are still seeing patients for any illness or injury inside of our five clinics, we are just ensuring that families know that our telemedicine program is available to them should they want to avoid exposure to other illnesses.

The COVID-19 tests will be done curbside to reduce exposure to other patients.

We are performing the tests and sending them off to a third-party lab, who will then return the results to us. The average wait for results is currently 48 hours. This may change depending on demand.

Dr. Allury Arora, Urgent Care for Children’s Chief Medical Officer:
“The latest medical evidence shows that children are less symptomatic with COVID-19 than adults. Children can become infected and pass the virus to adults, particularly the elderly population, in whom the symptoms are much more severe.”

Bannon Thorpe, Urgent Care for Children’s CEO:
“During this challenging time for so many, we are in a unique position with our network of clinics to provide a response that helps support our community. The situation continues to evolve, and we will provide updates and continue to do everything we can to serve the pediatric patients of Alabama best.”

For more information, parents/patients can call (205) 848-2273 or visit

Protecting the Community

When we asked for clarification on what we can all to to protect the community, Urgent Care for Children was more than willing to offer expertise.

You’ve heard it said, but THIS IS NOT A SNOW DAY. Schools are closed all over the country for a reason, and it’s up to all of us not to re-create the school environment on our own. COVID-19 is a highly contagious virus, and kids can carry it without showing symptoms, infecting others who are more vulnerable. It is vital that we keep our children in our own homes. If everyone acts responsibly, we can minimize the spread of what is proving a brutal virus. 

  • Keep kids at home. This means no play dates, no visits to relatives’ homes, and no time spent in stores or other places where they can spread germs.
  • Treat the quarantine as just the people inside your own home.
  • Limit shopping trips to one adult if at all possible.
  • Avoid playgrounds. COVID-19 stays on surfaces for days, and playground equipment isn’t cleaned. Instead, enjoy your own yard or large, open spaces such as state parks.
  • Take guidelines provided by agencies seriously.

We will get through this, but it will take us all.

There is no understating a pandemic. This is a very serious situation we are in, and each of us has a part to play in our country’s response. By following the guidelines provided by agencies, scientists, and medical professionals who understand the most about COVID-19 and its potential, we can get through this and see life normalize again.

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We are in this together.



We do have a partnership with Urgent Care for Children, but this is not sponsored content. We asked them for their expertise in providing a valuable resource for our community, and they happily obliged. We are grateful.