5 Reasons Urgent Care for Children is Your New Go-To

We are excited to have a partnership with Urgent Care for Children! This is sponsored content.

As parents, we all know children don’t always nail the timing for things we consider convenient. Babies up all night, toddlers fighting naps, and young children learning to negotiate for a later bedtime are typical, and we learn to adjust and perhaps even laugh about it later… much later. Also typical are those sicknesses and injuries that fall outside the hours most pediatrician offices are open. A fever spikes at 8:00 p.m.. We realize the limb is likely broken just before dinner. And let’s not even talk about holidays. (Did something get stuck in my son’s nose on Christmas Day? Of course it did.) Enter: Urgent Care for Children.

Urgent Care for Children was founded by pediatricians who saw a need for care catered to children outside of typical office hours, and we have 5 reasons you’ll love them!

1. Urgent Care for Children partners with local pediatricians versus competing with them.

It’s very important to the team at Urgent Care for Children that patients have a medical home, a pediatrician with whom the family develops a relationship. Anything that falls during a pediatrician’s hours, Urgent Care for Children wants to leave for that doctor who knows the patient’s history. Three things Urgent Care for Children does to support this include not offering immunizations, not offering sports physicals, and automatically sending all information from a patient’s visit to his or her pediatrician. The goal is for Urgent Care for Children to be a complement to a patient’s pediatrician when needed, not a replacement.

2. Every staff member at Urgent Care for Children is trained specifically to work with kids.

Urgent Care for Children hires only pediatricians and pediatric nurse practitioners, medical assistants, and nurses. It is vital that anyone working with patients and their families understands and thrives on the unique challenges children provide. The staff is also trained by Kulture City, so parents of children with sensory needs can rest assured that they are entering a place of support.

3. They’ve seen it all.

Anything from an ear infection, to an object stuck in a child’s nose, to a broken limb has been seen and treated at Urgent Care for Children. Does Urgent Care for Children have an on-site lab, an on-site pharmacy, and an x-ray machine? YES! By having equipment for everything, they can treat everything – even stitches!

4. They offer telemedicine.

Anyone in the state of Alabama, even if visiting from out of state, can utilize Urgent Care for Children’s services. Telemedicine is done via video, and it can be for all kinds things, even if a lab visit is needed!

5. Visiting is simple and convenient.

Urgent Care for Children serves patients from newborn through age 21 at its five locations throughout Alabama. With convenient hours (2:00 – 10:00 p.m. and variable weekend hours depending on location) 365 days per year, Urgent Care for Children has families covered. Spots can be reserved online, but patients may also walk in at any location. 

Thank you to Urgent Care for Children for making medical care easier! If you haven’t visited a location yet, check out this piece for a behind-the-scenes of the Vestavia office.