The Best of Birmingham Mom Collective :: Our Top Ten from 2020


What a year! We’ve made it to the end of 2020, Mamas! Let’s all breathe a sigh of relief, celebrate the good parts of 2020 (like our Birmingham Mom Collective rebrand!), and hope for better days ahead.

We love looking back on the year and seeing which of our articles and resources resonated most with moms and families in Birmingham. There was a very clear theme this year as the COVID-19 pandemic dominated our lives. In addition to coronavirus-related material, we love seeing that our resources for families have been widely utilized and the words our writers have shared from their hearts have reached and touched many others.

Enjoy this look at 2020’s most popular content on Birmingham Mom Collective!

:: Best of Birmingham Mom Collective ::

#1 – Light Up Your Night :: Where to See Christmas Lights in Birmingham

Driving around to view Christmas lights is such a fun family tradition! This list highlights neighborhoods around the Birmingham area that are sure to delight and entertain the entire family. It’s always a favorite among readers!

{Read Stacey’s post here.}

#2 – The Best Birmingham Pumpkin Patches

Fall is a glorious time of year, and there are so many fun fall activities to enjoy with your family around central Alabama!

{Read Julie T.’s post here.}

#3 – The Test Was Negative, but COVID is Killing My Grandmother

“I completely understand the need to keep our most vulnerable safe from the novel coronavirus. However, I would posit that there may be as many if not more elderly people suffering and even dying due to isolation than because of the virus itself. The regulations my grandmother is living under are not far above a prison. And that is because the facility where she resides is “following CDC protocol.” She is expected to eat alone, wear a mask all the time, stay indoors, have no visitors, and not even visit her friends in the same facility (although, being a rebel, she does break this rule from time to time.)

By no means am I saying that we should lift all regulations, but I do think there is a big question that needs to be asked. At what point does quality of life need to take priority over quantity of years?”

{Read Rebekah’s post here.}

#4 – I’m Not the Nanny :: Perspectives on Living as an Interracial Family

“Within two hours of meeting us, she wanted us to be the parents of the child she was carrying—a boy. At the time, she thought her baby was biracial. Six weeks later, that baby was born. He was not biracial. He was White. Her words to us then were, ‘Is it ok?’ In that moment, all that I could think to say was ‘If it’s ok with you (a White woman in Alabama), how could I say no?’ It still amazes me today, seven years later, that a White woman in Alabama asked a Black family to adopt the child she carried and gave birth to. 

It’s the memory of that moment that comforts me when I am asked if I’m the nanny or the babysitter.”

{Read our guest writer’s post here.}

#5 – Prepping for a Coronavirus Quarantine :: Activities for Kids

“Regrettably, I didn’t think to buy hand sanitizer (now sold out nationwide). Instead, I was busy freaking out about how to entertain my little ones if school closes or if we need to quarantine ourselves. . . .”

{Read Julie T.’s post here.}

#6 – Parks, Gardens, and Other Places to Explore in Birmingham While Social Distancing

“The weather is beautiful and everything is blooming! And while many parks and playgrounds are closed right now, there are some amazing open parks, gardens, and spaces that kids and adults alike can walk around and enjoy while still practicing social distancing. Here are a few of our favorites . . .”

{Read Julie S.’s post here.}

#7 – 30 Outdoor Dining Spots Around Birmingham

“Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic hit the restaurant industry hard. Not just here in Birmingham but all across the country. We have shied away from anything indoors in the interest of safety and it’s been hard. We want to support our local favorites, and no one wants to cook at home on a Friday night. . . .

Here is a list of 30 different restaurants with designated outdoor seating areas ready to serve you and your family.”

{Read Erin’s post here.}

#8 – COVID, School, and the Mommy Wars

Here’s the deal: the schooling method we choose is not a moral decision. Hybrid is not right, home school is not wrong, traditional is not best, and virtual is not better. They are different, yes, and we are all entitled to choose (and let us rejoice that we have choice), but one is not right and others are not wrong.”

{Read Mallory’s post here.}

#9 – A Letter from an African American Boy to His White Friends

“LOVE ME FOR ME! Everyone has skin, and my skin color is not the only thing that makes me me. I was created not to do black things but to do people things, and we are all people.”

{Read Lauren’s post here.}

#10 – Silent When Faced with Racism

“What I can do, however, is start the conversation early. It is on me to teach my kids that they are as valuable and worthy as their white counterparts. For one reason or another, I grew up with an inherent bias against myself and an unreasonable understanding that pale skin and wide eyes were more desirable. I will not, I repeat, will not have my children believe the same.”

{Read Lisha’s post here.}


Honorable Mentions:

Where is She? :: Our Journey with Childhood Mental Health Diagnoses

I Watched My Husband’s Vasectomy

For the Good of the Community :: Our Experience in an Experimental Drug Trial

Black Americans are Grieving :: It’s Time for White Americans to Acknowledge Their Pain

Love Who You Are :: Perspectives on Living as an Interracial Family

Empty Cradle, Broken Heart :: What You Should Know About Stillbirth and Infant Loss

To My Rising Kindergartner :: I’m Sorry, It’s Not Supposed to be Like This

Molly Moments :: Life with Our Daughter with Down Syndrome


We hope you have enjoyed this review of 2020. This is just a small piece of the wonderful content our amazing team of 30+ Birmingham-area moms has provided for our community this year!

Thank you for following along with us. Tell us what kind of resources and articles you would like to see in the coming year!