Five Tips to Make Packing for Camping Easier


It’s upon us: spring is in the air, and all the campers are getting out in full force! 

The daunting task of getting ready to go camping can overwhelm many, but with a little prep, it will all go off without a hitch. I have some tips to make packing for your camping trip easier. 

No one wants to get all the way to their campsite only to find out they forgot something important . . . like batteries. There is also no need to bring everything to make s’mores while forgetting the marshmallows. This can all be fixed with a little planning beforehand.

Five Tips to Make Packing for Camping Easier

1. Last in, first out rule. 

Make sure anything that you need immediately is the last item you pack into your car. We always make sure our giant tub for the tent is easy to access as well as kitchen supplies. If you need it as soon as you arrive, make sure it is in the easiest to reach area. 

2. Separate tubs for separate areas.

I have two big ole Sterilite tubs for our trips. One is for all the kitchen gear and the other contains our tent supplies. It means that we are better organized, less likely to forget something, and I can set up the kitchen area while my husband is working on the tent. I also know what I need to check to restock better since I am only mentally focusing on one tub/area at a time. More organization = less forgetting. 

3. Precook some meats.

I don’t pre-cook everything, but messy items or anything that takes up too much space is prepped ahead. My go-to items to prep include ground beef for tacos and sausage or bacon for breakfast. I have even precooked burgers to heat up when we arrived on those trips where I didn’t want to fuss with the camp grill! (I’ve even been known to make Hawaiian Roll Sandwiches on the Hawaiian Buns ahead of time to slap on the grill). 

4. Go through all your camp items that stay packed up before you leave.

Double check your paper goods, flashlights and batteries, fire starter necessities, trash bags, and extension cords. There is always a place to buy new ones, but once you are out in the woods, the small grocers probably cost more than your local grocery store. I can’t stand getting to the camp to find out I forgot something, so double checking every item before we leave alleviates that problem. 

5. Pack the day before you leave.

Packing a day ahead means that you can leave quicker the next morning, and it gives you the chance to run through things in your head again. Having some time between packing and leaving gives your brain the space to decide what you might have forgotten. 

Five Tips to Make Packing for Your Camping Trip EasierThese are my top five tips to make packing for a camping trip easier! I’d love to hear your ideas and what you do to make packing a breeze on any type of vacation in the comments below! 

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