Why I’m Team Green This Pregnancy


What is “Team Green,” anyways?

Team Green means that you forgo finding out the gender of a baby prior to delivery. With our first, we did a gender reveal party and it was amazing. Our family and friends were so excited when we cut the cake and revealed that we were having a boy! We loved picking out a name and setting up a nursery to welcome our son. I also felt like knowing helped me bond and start wrapping my head around becoming a mom. I am a planner at heart, so I never dreamed I would go Team Green with this pregnancy. You may be wondering at this point . . . Gee, if you loved knowing the first time, why not find out again? 

Everything is different this pregnancy (thanks, COVID.)

Planning a gender reveal with all of our family and friends isn’t in the cards for this pregnancy. Many factors are outside of my control, so I have decided to embrace doing things differently in hopes that it will make this time around feel special. I also think the anticipation of finding out will give our family something to look forward to.

The basics are already covered.

We still have a lot of the gear from our first baby, including a crib, stroller, and baby carrier. I know that our baby will sleep in our room for the first six months anyways, so there isn’t a rush to have a nursery perfectly prepared beforehand. If you are pregnant with your first baby, you may also find that people buy more practical items from your registry instead of loads of gender-specific clothing. 

I’m distracted by a toddler.

This may sound bad, but with a toddler there are honestly days I completely forget that I’m pregnant. Being busy makes this pregnancy feel like it is going by quickly, which I think will make it easier to wait. Not knowing will also help me to keep things simple and focus on what’s truly important, which hopefully means a lot less stress this time around.

It’s a wonderful surprise.

Most surprises as an adult are negative, like your roof leaking or getting in a car accident. This may be one of the only happy surprises of my adult life! I think it will be so special having my husband announce if our baby is a boy or girl. I’ve also heard that it helps give you extra motivation while you’re giving birth (please be true). 

This may be our only chance to have a surprise, and I’m excited to have this experience. Here are even more reasons to consider waiting to find out the gender.
Could you go team green? Why or why not? 
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Courtney moved to Birmingham seven years ago with the dream of becoming a nurse. She left behind her five wild brothers but brought along her high school sweetheart, David. David and Courtney got married after their freshman year at UAB at the ripe age of nineteen. They thrived on cans of soup while pursuing their education and working odd jobs. Courtney graduated and landed her dream job in the Neonatal ICU. One year later, her husband also graduated and began working as an Engineer. They now live in Trussville with their two-year-old son, Noah and are expecting baby number two. Courtney’s hobbies include eating, being outdoors, traveling with her family, and making wooden toys which she shares about on instagram (amindfulmom). She is passionate about mission work and has been privileged to serve on trips to Tanzania, Costa Rica and Ecuador.