Treat Yo’self :: Feeling Pampered in Your Third Trimester


I have recently entered my eighth month of pregnancy. Along with feeling relief that the wait for my baby girl is almost over, I’m also feeling very . . . pregnant. The extra fatigue, pregnancy insomnia, and swelling (just to name a few) have me wanting to lie in bed all day. So, how do you manage being a productive adult while feeling like a beached whale? Treat yo’self. 

There’s nothing like giving yourself little treats throughout the week to reward yourself for being pregnant and getting stuff done! Below are some fun, inexpensive ways to help with feeling pampered in your third trimester.

$10 or Less ::

Treat yo'self :: feeling pampered in your third trimester - under $10!

Face Masks: $1.99 – 2.99

Target has an amazing line of face masks called Que Bella. These face masks come in peels, mud masks, and paper masks. This product line also includes a deep moisturizing foot mask (perfect for swollen feet) and undereye gel masks for those sleepless nights.

Nail Lacquer: $0.99 – 7.99

Nail lacquers come in a variety of prices, colors, and finishes. If your swollen hands and feet have you feeling a bit self-conscious, pick up a cute nail color and give yourself an at-home mani-pedi. Can’t reach your feet? Enlist the help of a family member or friend!

Bath Bombs: $4.99 – 9.99

Depending on where you go for your bath bombs, you can find them on the cheaper side or splurge and spend a bit more. The bath bomb pictured above is one I found at Target for $4.99, and I’m obsessed with this brand. Not only do they make a variety of bath bombs in different colors and scents, they have prizes on the inside! Sometimes it’s just an encouraging note, other times it’s a piece of jewelry, but it’s always exciting to see what you get! Bonus: your kids will love them, too!

$20 or Less ::

Magnetic Lashes: $13.99

Magnetic lashes are the new craze in the false lash world. Though you pay more upfront, magnetic lashes are reusable! I’ve had my pair for about a month now, and they still work as great as when I got them! They come in accent pieces and full pieces. They take a bit of practice to learn; however, they instantly open your eyes and make you look ready for the day, even if you never take off your yoga pants! There’s no glue to worry about, and they stay on even if you get sweaty or wet.

Treat yo'self :: feeling pampered in your third trimester - special meal

Grab a Special Meal

I prefer to cook at home, but every once in a while my pregnancy hits me with a craving that I can’t resist, like a quinoa and avocado burger! If you’ve been resisting your cravings, take some time to treat yo’self to a delicious meal. It could be as small as enjoying a muffin and coffee, to as grand as a special dinner at your favorite restaurant. As long as what you’re choosing to eat is safe for you and your baby, enjoy indulging your cravings at least once before your precious baby is born.

$50 or Less ::

Treat yo'self :: feeling pampered in your third trimester - fun new polka dot dressTreat yo'self :: feeling pampered in your third trimester - mani/pedi

Buy a Cute Outfit

As much as I love yoga pants and comfy t-shirts, sometimes I just need something extra to make me feel pretty. I recently bought an adorable polka dot dress ($30), and even though it’s not the most practical thing to wear while pregnant, it’s an instant mood booster! As soon as I put it on I feel so pretty and put together, even if I can’t wear it all day. 

Go to a Nail Salon

In the $10 or less section, I talked about giving yourself an at-home manicure and/or pedicure. The reality is, at this point in pregnancy, many women can’t reach their feet. And if you’re one of the few who still can, being bent over trying to paint your toes can give you major heartburn! If you have a few extra bucks to spend, treat yo’self to a professional mani-pedi. The prices will range depending on the service you get done, but the average cost of a mani-pedi (with basic nail care and paint), sits somewhere around $50 (with tip).

Get a Haircut

I LOVE getting my hair cut. Even if it’s just a trim, something about snipping the ends makes me feel refreshed. With preparations for a new baby, and the chaos that comes after the baby is born, haircuts tend to be the last thing on our mind. Many of my friends (and myself) have foregone haircuts for months or years after baby is born. Take this time, before the chaos, to trim those ends or touch up your color to help you feel your best after baby is born! 

Or a Blow Out

Don’t have time for a cut or color? Swing by your favorite salon for a quick blow out! It’ll make you fabulous and movie star-esque when picking the kids up from the car pool lane or hitting up Target for your latest craving!

Hire a Babysitter

The average cost for a babysitter sits somewhere between $10 – 20 per hour, per kid. Even if you only enlist the help of a babysitter for an hour, grab yourself a nap! Making a baby is exhausting and the more kids you have already, the less sleep you get. A babysitter is a great way to just enjoy some you time before you become a human milk (or bottle making) machine!

Treat Yo’self

Being pregnant is hard and incredibly rewarding. What are some of your favorite ways of feeling pampered in your third trimester?