My Post-Partum Health Journey :: Live Long and Perspire


My 3-month fitness journey has come to an end. Pounds have been lost and the burn has been endured. I started this project afraid and full of excuses. Excuses to why I couldn’t, why I didn’t need to and why I’d do it eventually. However, I’m a changed woman and am happy to share some lessons learned. 

Commit to doing what it takes!
  1. Find a gym/fitness center/community where you’re comfortable

    I’ve spent the last 10 years looking for the Mr. Right of gyms. I’ve been to the community centers and have committed to the trendy CrossFits of Birmingham, but nothing compares to Pure Fitness. Pure Fitness owned and operated by a certified Mompreneur, Erin Holtz, is the place for me. When I faced troubles at work or with Parker’s health during these past three months, Erin empathized. I didn’t feel guilty for missing a workout; I simply felt encouraged to return when my schedule allowed.

  2. Pick your poison

    You can ask the team at Pure Fitness about my thoughts on burpees. I loathe them. But!!!!! I can do 6 full burpees on a paddle board and I did an at-home workout and completed 40 burpees. You heard me, on a paddle board. Pure Fitness has an Aqua Paddle Fit class on Saturdays at Samford University’s pool. It is 30-mintues of fitness fun on a board! I picked my nemesis and worked on it. I continue to work on it and won’t give up. Admittedly, my complaining has not subsided, but my skill has greatly improved. I still find myself labeling any burpee-loving human as delusional, but I will happily whip my feet up in an effort to get better.

  3. Pick your go-to

    Unlike burpees, I love all things kettlebell! I am a proud owner of a 15-lbs kettlebell, AND I’ve used it. Which means I’ve worked out at home on several occasions. Find the workout you like and run with it. If you walk away from a workout sweaty, exhausted and smiling – commit! Unlike the workouts where you leave sweaty, exhausted and cursing everything …. I’m looking at you, burpees. Fall in love with what works. Bring it into your home and make it work for you. Doing something is better than doing nothing. Pro Tip: Combine your poison with your go-to for a quick 15 minute workout.

  4. Meal prep is bae

    While I love the Birmingham delivery app Waitr and eating lunch at the Pizitz Food Hall, I typically don’t make good choices and spend too much money on lunch. Meal prepping on Sundays makes me feel better and saves money. So, for my friends out there saying a gym is too expensive but are going out to lunch every day, here is your moment to change your investment. I’ve also brought my family into the Sunday meal prepping. My 11-month-old mixes my brussels sprouts in a ziplock full of balsamic honey marinade while I clap like a crazy person. I hope this teaches him to find cooking fun and learn about making healthy choices.

  5. It Will Be OKAY

    It will be okay if you get frustrated. It will be okay if you struggle. It will be okay if you take a break. It’s okay if you slip up. I did all those things. There was a day in August when my son had a hypoglycemic episode and I was convinced he was in heart failure. I dialed 911 and we spent three days in the hospital. I did not work out, and I 100% did not eat well. But the day he got home, I went and worked out at Pure Fitness. They listened to my frustration and my fears while I took time to get back to my health. It will be okay; just keep going. I look at Parker and know how important it is for him to stay heart healthy, so I will do that burpee, I will hate it the whole way through, but I will do it. I will do it and tell myself that it will be okay because being here with Parker and teaching him about a healthy lifestyle is more important than me, my excuses, and my procrastination.

So to my fellow moms who have the desire to shed that post-partum weight without trying fad after fad, just get out there and do something. Set an example that health is a priority for you. To me, it was never totally about pounds; it was about investing in my relationship with Parker as well. And to my new friends at Pure Fitness, thank you taking me in. Thank you for encouraging me, believing in me, and letting me be the over-talker in your classes. I love calling Pure Fitness my home and look forward to continuing my journey independently with you. See you on the paddle board my friends!

Alyson received complimentary services from Pure Fitness in exchange for her post, but the experience she shared is genuine and the opinions are 100% her own.