Baby on Board!


I ran throughout my pregnancies. Well, maybe I should say “jogged.” Or whatever you want to call it: run, jog, slow jog, fast walk — let’s not get technical here! Thankfully my doctor is a runner, too, and encourages his patients who feel good to run all the way up to delivery. (**Side note: check with your doctor before beginning any exercise regimen, especially while pregnant). Running was such a great outlet for me, and it was such a sweet time — just me and my baby bump hitting the road together. After each run, I felt so empowered knowing I’d made it just one more run. I didn’t know how much longer my body would allow me to run, so each finished jog was like a rush. Every passing week, my belly got bigger and my stride got slower. But I remember one such run that I actually passed a guy jogging — hahaha! It was truly a beautiful moment (in my mind anyway!) I like to think he was super-humiliated to have been outrun by an über-pregnant woman!!! Boom! (Anyway, it was a needed self-image boost for the über-pregnant woman…)

Starting to get embarrassing…

Toward the end of my pregnancy, people started making comments to me during my runs, and bikers on the street would yell out, “Whoa, baby!” Awesome. But I was determined! I heard that staying active would help not only during labor but also with post-partum healing. I can honestly say it did. Running helped me not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. It was a constant throughout my pregnancy, and something I also looked forward to doing with my baby after she arrived. (Side note–the Baby Jogger Summit X3 is the best jogging stroller out there. You cannot beat the one-handed fold up. Seriously. Baby on one hip, fold the stroller with the other hand and stick it in your trunk … uh-mazing!!) My baby loved the up and down, up and down rhythm of riding in the jogging stroller. I think the movement was familiar to her and relaxing. I love how jogging bonded us before and after her birth. 

Second time around

Running during my next pregnancy was a bit harder because my ligaments had stretched from the first go-around. But I powered through, and loved, yet again, looking down at my baby bump while I jogged, knowing this was something I was doing for the two of us, and an investment in my overall health. If you’re planning to run (or really, do any other exercise while pregnant), the FITsplint is a must. Trust me. You’ll thank me later!

How did you stay fit while pregnant? Leave your comments below — I’d love to hear other moms’ stories!