You Got a Chick-fil-A?! Let Your Southern Sisters Tell You Everything You Need to Know


“Two number ones, both large sized with a Dr. Pepper. A twelve count nugget with extra Polynesian sauce, large sized with a sweet tea. One large macaroni & cheese with a chocolate shake, no whipped topping. A six count nugget kids meal with fruit and a cup of water.”

Almost every Saturday afternoon, my husband or I drive to Chick-fil-A as a reward for surviving another week of parenting and cooking moderately healthy meals. We have three options, and they are all exactly thirty minutes from our driveway. Yes, that’s quite a drive for a quick service meal, but it’s worth every bit of the 75 minute round trip.

We’ve made a real effort to limit our fast food visits this year, but I can’t imagine we’ll ever eliminate the weekly CFA pilgrimage. We traded dinner for lunch this past week, and my oldest joined me for the drive. While she blushed at all the adorable teenagers working in the drive-thru, I said thanks for a meal under $40 that would happily feed my family of five.

I know what you’re thinking — the South’s obsession with Chick-fil-A is a real thing. It’s always our first choice at the airport, it’s a happy welcome in a faraway city when you just need a sweet tea, and you can always guarantee an enjoyable experience.

If you’ve just noticed the franchise in your area, congratulations! You may not know what all the fuss is about, so let your Southern sisters enlighten you. Our Birmingham Mom Collective team has worked together to bring you…

More than 25 reasons you need to visit your local Chick-fil-A today:

  1. You will never be treated more kindly than you will at Chick-fil-A. You are a valued customer, not an inconvenience. 
  2. Their breakfast menu is a real treasure. They have healthy options for your first meal of the day, but who doesn’t want chicken for breakfast? The buttered chicken biscuit is amazing and you can order a four count box of “chicken minis” — their famous chicken nuggets, wrapped in mini yeast rolls, and topped with honey. (Y’all, its a southern staple.) The best sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit in the business can also be found at Chick-fil-A. Whatever you choose, pair it with the little hash browns. So good!
  3. If you have children in tow, the staff will roll out the red carpet — they’ll bring your food to the table and even help with refills, so you never have to walk away from your family. An even better option is ordering your meal in the drive-thru, for indoor seating. They will give you a table number and have your food ready when you arrive inside. No more standing in line with hungry, fussy children!
  4. We all know that kids are weird. You can order chicken nuggets — even during breakfast hours –for your picky kid.
  5. All kids’ meals come with an educational toy or ideas for promoting family time, like books, table topics, and free movie rentals. Not a fan? You can always return them to the counter for a child’s ice cream cone!
  6. Chick-fil-A has adhesive place mats available at their condiment stations. They are generously sized and stay put, making dining in with kids a lot more hygienic and easy to clean up after.
  7. And speaking of good hygiene, you can always find antibacterial wipes near the entrance to their indoor playgrounds.
  8. The entrance to the indoor play space has foam around the door opening, to prevent little fingers from getting smashed.
  9. Chick-fil-A has the quickest and most efficient drive-thru experience ever. There are multiple lanes open at their busiest times, iPad ordering stations, a pull-up and pick-up area, and the friendliest staff on-hand. Did you know some COVID testing sites have employed local CFA employees to help make their testing and vaccination process more efficient?!
  10. Don’t get discouraged by the drive-through line, especially now that dine-in service has been suspended. Our local CFA often has three lanes wrapped around the building, but their staff is well-trained and will have you leaving with hot food before you know it. (And did we mention the friendly attitude of everyone helping run that line?)
  11. Every staff person will tell you it’s their pleasure to help with your order or answer a question. They are truly the kindest and most accommodating restaurant staff you’ll ever encounter.
  12. You’ll almost never get shorted or find the wrong item in your bag (but, if you do — we joke that it’s because Chick-fil-A knows best!).
  13. I tell friends and family, all the time, that the very best place to get a fountain drink is Chick-fil-A. Cold Dr. Pepper, pellet ice, and an insulated cup? It’s the trifecta of cold beverages.
  14. The official word is that they don’t have a secret menu, but there are so many hacks and fun things that my vary by location and season. Ask for well-done fries or nuggets, a 30 count pack of nuggets, and so much more.
  15. The app is so well-made and user friendly — not only can you order a meal on the go, but it’s super easy to customize your meal, add extras, and change your delivery method last minute.
  16. FREE FOOD JUST FOR OPENING YOUR APP! The freebies vary by location, but you can often find free sandwiches, nuggets, and chicken minis, just by opening your app. You can also have a staff member scan your app each time you visit (or scan receipts later, if you forget) to accumulate points that allow to earn more freebies.
  17. They now offer curb-side pickup! You can order your meal from the app, pull into a numbered spot in their lot, and have someone walk your order to your car. I especially love doing this because we have a big family and a long drive home. It’s much easier to check our order for accuracy in the parking spot instead of feeling the pressure of a moving drive-thru.
  18. Did you know you can buy their delicious dipping sauces at your local grocery store? We are never without a bottle of Polynesian Sauce, but that doesn’t keep us from requesting extras on every visit.
  19. They have so many sauce options to choose from — try mixing them to see what fun combinations you can come up with. Pro tip: Make their signature sauce at home!
  20. The quality of the food is out of this world — their lemonade is freshly squeezed, each chicken breast is filleted by hand, and the biscuits are made fresh, never frozen.
  21. You can grab a free water, even if you aren’t eating anything. Cold water and crunchy ice is a lifesaver if you’re pregnant!
  22. If you’re counting calories or macros, they have a long list of healthy items on the menu. They have delicious soups and salads, plus you can trade your waffle fries for a healthier side item. They also have many gluten free options for those with food allergies or aversions.
  23. Two words: Frosted Lemonade.
  24. Local franchises are very involved in community events and fundraisers. You can often see fundraising announcements on their restaurants signs and contribute to local schools and special events, just by joining them for a meal.
  25. They have delicious desserts (hello, warm brownies) and seasonal favorites. Try a peppermint milkshake during the holidays, but keep asking for them into January and February — they continue to serve until supplies run out! Don’t miss the peach milkshake in the summer! Trust us on this one. (Pro tip: Food is the love language of the South. When taking a meal to someone, grab a half dozen fresh cookies from CFA. They come in a cute bag, and they’re incredible.)
  26. Chick-fil-A takes excellent care of their team — I appreciate the ownership they give employees, they offer wonderful benefits, and the opportunity for upward mobility.
  27. Did you know there’s a Hawaiian themed CFA in Fayetteville, GA?!
  28. I know this is a bold statement, but their macaroni & cheese is better than your grandmother’s. I said what I said.
  29. This is the best gift card in the business. Anyone who receives one will be happy because the menu has so many fun things. (Pro tip: Teachers love CFA gift cards!)

Need help with your order? Here are more crowd sourced favorites:

    • If it’s your first meal, definitely go with the Original Chicken Sandwich meal. You don’t need anything extra (it comes with homemade pickles and a buttered bun), but I always recommend mayo or their signature Chick-fil-A sauce.
    • Half Diet Lemonade, half soda water — it cuts the tang of the lemonade and adds fizz!
    • Add their Buffalo Sauce and Ranch Dressing to a box of Nuggets or a Salad and shake until mixed.
    • 4 count Chicken Strips, 2 Polynesian Sauces, and a large coke
    • Honey Roasted BBQ sauce on your Chicken Sandwich
    • Spicy Chicken Sandwich with Polynesian Sauce and Extra Crispy Fries
    • Chicken, Egg & Cheese Bagel for breakfast

Now, it’s time for you to take this wealth of knowledge and head to your closest Chick-fil-A. Ignore the 75 cars ahead of you, and just enjoy the experience. You’ll leave with a fresh food, a my pleasure, and a smile on your face – guaranteed!