Why Being Both a Mom and a Teacher is Important to Me


Dual Roles

Mom Mode

Why is being both a teacher and mom important to me? First of all, I’ve always wanted to be a mom. Being a mom is the most rewarding, challenging, exhausting, gratifying, and tiring job I’ve ever had. Would I trade it for anything in the world? Absolutely not. I often ask my husband, “What do you think our life would be like without our kids?” His answer never changes. “Certainly not boring, and we wouldn’t get to experience the joy they bring to us everyday.” I agree with him. Life definitely looks different, but it’s been an awesome ride.

Teacher Mode

It’s not a secret that teaching is a challenging job, but I love what I do. I’ve been teaching or working in education for over 12 years, and it’s the most gratifying and intense experience I’ve ever had.

Juggling the home and work life balance can be a struggle, but my family has learned to adapt and roll with our ever changing, crazy life. Yet, as a parent, I have to separate my two roles. I transition from the crazy morning routine and getting my children out the door for the bus, to the carpool and classroom routine within a matter of minutes. I’d say the easiest way for me to get myself ready for the day is by preparing the day before.

A New Perspective

I love being a mom and a teacher. Is it hard, challenging, stressful, and crazy? Yes. Absolutely, yes. I would say one of the most eye opening things I have noticed from working in the public school system is how diverse it is. 

One of the many perks I love about working at my children’s elementary school is that I get to interact with them on a daily basis and see them engaging with other children in their school environment. I have been able to attend field trips, class parties, and fundraiser events. I’ve also fostered positive partnerships with my children’s teachers by keeping constant communication and engaged in their classrooms by offering assistance when needed. As a mom, it has been really fun to be on both sides. I catch myself changing from mom mode to teacher mode on a continual basis, which can be a challenge, though.

It’s also been very nice to share the same schedule with my kids. My husband is no longer working from home, and when there is a school holiday, weather day or unforseen absence, it’s been nice to be able to not stress about childcare. I am also looking forward to enjoying Spring Break and the summer with them as well.

The Benefits

  • Teaching is rewarding. If there is one thing I have learned while teaching and parenting, it is that consistency is key. In the classroom, it is beneficial for children’s learning to maintain a consistent schedule, which leads to a thriving classroom atmosphere. While maintaining our daily routine, we are able to grow and develop each child’s individual needs and skills gradually, at their own pace. We all know that each child learns and develops differently, so getting to watch their personalities develop as they thrive in the classroom has been beyond rewarding.
  • Parenting is rewarding, also. While parenting, maintaining consistency at home with our daily routine helps our family to thrive, as well. Being able to get ready with my kids in the morning, see them during the day and ask them how things are going, eat lunch with my children occasionally, and see them to the bus in the afternoons has been such a joy so far this school year. It’s such a blessing to be able to work in their school and see them interact in their daily environments.

I hope that this has inspired other mothers who are also in the education field. Please feel free to leave a comment below about how you love both of your roles!