The Truth About My “Old Mom” Status :: Why Being an Older Mom is a Good Thing


This past fall at the ripe ole age of thirty-seven years old, I delivered a healthy baby boy. This sweet new angel baby was my fifth birth, but my first in the “advanced maternal age” category.

My first four children were all born by the time I turned thirty. I had only ever experienced pregnancy and birth in my 20’s. Now, keep in mind there are a lot of factors that play into if you experience a “good” or a “hard” pregnancy. However, I went into this fifth pregnancy assuming that my age would make carrying and delivering this baby way way harder than my first four. The opposite came true! I had my easiest pregnancy ever! His delivery and recovery was a breeze.

The Truth About My "Old Mom" Status :: Why Being an Older Mom is a Good Thing

Here are the reasons I think being an “older mom” is a good thing! 

First, I was experienced enough to know what I needed physically and mentally. Now, although I had gained lots of experience by my 3rd and 4th pregnancy, what I still lacked in my 20’s was the ability to put myself first. I was still in that “prove myself, want to please, too stubborn, too short-sighted” phase of life to make my own physical and mental well-being a priority. Thirty-seven year old me made no apologies about my need for a nap, time alone, exercise, or help around the house. 

Secondly, I was now old enough to have built up an income level that allowed me to buy an overpriced pregnancy pillow or to pay a cleaning crew to help with housework. In my 20’s, we were still working and saving constantly. We needed a house, new cars, a nest egg, and the list went on and on. By the time I had reached my later 30’s, we still had expenses, but our frugal way had helped us achieve a lot of our financial goals. We could now enjoy the fruits of our labor a little bit more.  

And lastly, I think being pregnant and parenting at my age now is easier just because I value it so much deeper. I loved being a young mom too, but at 25, it was impossible to see how quickly it would all go. Back then, I put so much pressure on myself to be a good mom that I often got lost in the production of things instead of just enjoying the show.

With my fifth baby, I stare at his tiny toes longer, and I grab an extra cup of coffee instead of obsessing over his sleep schedule. I let the little things go and prioritize better. I have perspective; I have years under my belt. Babies and Botox might not have even been something I thought I would have in my life at the same time, but I am here to tell you: it’s not a bad thing. 

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Alli is a Birmingham native who always knew she wanted to be a mommy to many, but had no idea that would turn into many little boys! While being a "boy mom" was not what she expected, you will now find her trudging through the woods and happily exploring everything "outdoors" with her brood of little men. Happily married to a builder, you might find that her Google searches reveal a never-ending list of home improvements, which leads to lots of screen shots and "Let's do this next" text messages. When not chasing around her boys, you can find her off on a long run, drinking coffee, going out for a girls' night, or wandering the aisles of the most wonderful place on earth, Target.


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