The Top Five Reasons You Should Turn Off Your Phone Today


How old were you when you discovered that if you log out of social media and turn off your phone, when you decide to log on later, all of your content will still be available?

I was today years old.

In all seriousness, I lost my cell phone a few days ago for about four hours. Gone. Nowhere-to-be-found kind of lost. And aside from the immediate hysteria of realizing I couldn’t dial 911 in an emergency (or more likely phone in my dinner at the local Papa John’s), those few hours were the most peaceful, present moments I had experienced in a really long time.

I read seven books instead of two to my kindergartner.

I actually engaged with the other mommas in the waiting room at the dance studio.

I even fit in a couple extra games of hide-and-seek with my super energetic toddler.

Who knew you could do so much life without your “lifeline”?

With the never-ending drama and incessant “dings” of social media’s latest notification abruptly bothering us throughout the day, it’s hard to have an uninterrupted thought. And with the societal pressures of keeping up with the Joneses, or whatever family is trending in the moment, it’s hard to have a moment of sanity either.

So, today I’m sharing my newfound motivation to set aside the device.

Top Five Reasons You Should Turn Off Your Phone Today

1. Your family members want to have a relationship with you and not your Otterbox.

This may be shocking, but the child sitting just two inches from you wants your attention way more than Jane or John Doe on Instagram. And your husband, although seemingly engaged in his latest t.v. show, might get a kick out of an old school catch up sesh. I promise. In fact, they are screaming out for it. Our loved ones need us. They want to feel like we care more about them than any other possible distraction — including Candy Crush.

2. Your brain needs a break and time to reboot.

I can’t tell you how many scientific articles I’ve read about what scrolling the ‘gram late at night does to our brains. Suffice it to say, it’s hairy scary, Girl. It’s no wonder melatonin and other sleep aids are trending and coffee is more popular than Beanie Babies in the mid-90s.

Take some time to unwind. Start back at some hobbies you may have neglected for a while. Read a book. Feed your soul with some interaction rather than the interwebs.

3. “Comparison is the thief of joy.” (Theodore Roosevelt)

There’s one guarantee I can make to you today: if you log on any social media platform, you are going to experience at least one negative emotion – the most common ones being jealousy, disappointment, regret, anger, and all-out rage. Susie Homemaker down the street is always going to post her latest Martha Stewart-level confection, and yes, she will always conveniently post said photo on the evening your Kraft Mac and Cheese boiled over on the stove. Take a break from Pinterest and do a puzzle, Friend. You can thank me later. 

4. In a real emergency (much like the male protagonist in the Broadway hit Dear Evan Hanson), you will be found.

Confession: I have used the lines, “I could never turn my phone off! What if somebody needs me? What if the world is ending?” Okay. While there are some obvious concerns with going off the grid for an extended period of time, let me assure you of one very important thing: if somebody really needs to get in touch with you, they will do so. After all, that’s what neighbors and barbershop quartets are for anyway, am I right?

5. Love today, e-mails tomorrow.

Whatever is pressing on you can wait one hour. Heck, let it wait two or three. The loads of laundry will pile up. The grout in the bathroom is gonna get grungy. Love those babies. Soak up the family time. Because here’s the thing: all that super pressing work will still be there when you get done living your best life.

So, the next time you see me trudging through Target seemingly engrossed (read: entranced) with whatever is on my cell phone screen, kindly rip it out of my hand and toss it in my buggy. And I’ll do the same for you, Friend. 

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