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I’m that mom. No, unfortunately, I’m not the “cool” mom, or the “fun” mom. I’m the mom who will call you out for acting foolish or being mean. I’m the mom who definitely uses dry shampoo and throws on pearls to make my lounge wear look nicer. I’m also the mom who loves all children unconditionally. So, even if you are a scallywag, I’m going to love you. Apparently, I’m also the mom who uses the term “scallywag.” 

There are many versions of “mom” and each has its place.

Neighborhood Mom

In 2019, I left the glorious world of school administration and became an executive director of a non-profit. This career change allowed me the time and flexibility to focus on my own children. It was at this point that I became the mom who could attend games, after-school picnics, and school events.

Soon, I was able to enjoy my neighborhood and interact with my children’s friends and peers. I became the neighborhood mom who celebrates strangers’ children for swimming independently and leaves goody-baskets on neighbor’s doorsteps. 

Recently, I was the mom who noticed teenagers in our neighborhood clubhouse (which is off-limits to unsupervised teens) and marched in with authority to tell them to not go in there again without adult supervision.

In my full-mom-mode glory, I was also the mom who forgot she had tucked Kleenex under her arms to prevent sweat stains on her silk dress. Cool cool. I’m likely referred to as “crazy mom” in some circles because of moments like that. Yes, there are plenty of these moments.

Being present and visible in the neighborhood is a great way to model good behavior for your children, but also children throughout the neighborhood.

Pandemic Mom

In March of 2020, I became the “pandemic mom.” I baked bread and cookies (and subsequently gained 20 pounds). I took the kids on nature walks and scavenger hunts. And, I created a lot of impromptu activities for our family’s entertainment as we isolated ourselves from the world. 

During this time, I realized that I *enjoyed* my kids and wanted to become an even bigger part of their lives. So I joined the PTO, and a year later I decided to become a substitute teacher—on a very limited basis since I work full-time.  

Baking was our favorite activity during the pandemic!

Volunteer Mom

While I do work full-time in a pretty demanding position, I find a great deal of enjoyment in serving my community. It is an added bonus if my service can also benefit my children and provide me with opportunities to see them during the day. I currently serve on the PTO for my son’s school, and I substitute at my son’s and daughter’s schools. And if there is a Sign-Up Genius for anything, I will make sure that my name is on it! 

In addition, I volunteer in our community garden and hope to soon provide opportunities for enrichment activities for neighborhood kids in the garden. 

Serving in your community is a great way to connect with your children while demonstrating good citizenship.

Girl’s-Night-Out Mom

In 2021, I made new friends in the neighborhood and became the “girl’s-night-out (GNO) mom.” I am a confusing combination of Charlotte from Sex And The City, Clair Huxtable from The Cosby Show, and Debra Barone from Everybody Loves Raymond. Seriously, I’m complicated—don’t overthink it.

However, when you blend those three characters, I become a decent version of someone who can hold their own pretty well in a variety of GNO situations. I can go from an intellectual conversation at the park to a rousing conversation at our monthly book club to a fun night out at the Flora-Bama. (That night I was apparently the mom who had on too much clothing according to one woman.) 

In order to serve others, you have to take time out for yourself.

Just Mom

I’m apparently not that mom; I’m those moms. However, at the end of the day, I’m just Harrison, Easby, and Josephine’s mom and that is all that matters. 


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A product of Daleville, Alabama, Briana has been proud to call Birmingham her home for almost 20 years! A high school graduate of The Alabama School of Mathematics and Science, Briana is a perpetual learner. After receiving her undergraduate degree from Auburn University, Briana went on to receive two master's degrees {both from University of Montevallo} and a doctorate in Educational Leadership from Samford University. After 12 years as a middle school teacher and administrator, Briana now serves as the Executive Director of College Admissions Made Possible. She's been married for 14 years to Matthew, a CPA, and they have three children- Harrison {12}, Easby {8}, and Josephine {3}. They completed their family with a rambunctious rescue pup, Daisy Mae, and a frisky cat, Elliot. Briana and her family live in Hoover, and while she enjoys working full-time, Briana enjoys volunteering, spending time at the family's home on Lake Martin, and binging on Netflix!


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