Ten Things You Should Know About Raising Triplets


If you’d asked my college self to predict where I would be in ten years, I’m convinced that raising triplets would never have entered my mind. Isn’t that the kind of thing you see on reality t.v.? And now, believe it or not, this is my life! It has been an unexpected blessing that certainly has its ups and downs, but I would’t trade it for any other one. Most people I talk to are curious to engage in conversation about life with triplets, so here are ten things I think you should know about raising triplets.

They’re all natural.

I’ll spare you the birds and the bees lesson, but regardless of any fertility issues, every set of triplets (or any multiples for that matter) are “natural”. Should you still feel inclined to question the origin of a friend’s triplets (because you should never ask a stranger), be sure to use the term “spontaneous” instead of natural. I certainly don’t mind sharing our story with others, but it sure is awkward to discuss in front of my children in public! 

It doesn’t get easier.

Sure, I don’t get up in three-hour increments to feed babies in the middle of the night anymore. And yes, we actually leave the house now to participate in activities. However, I’m learning that where triplets are concerned, it’s always a give and take. One part becomes easier while another element is complicated by three kids the same age. You’ve conquered potty training? Great! Now teach three kids to stay in bed past 5:45 a.m. while sharing a room.

It’s expensive. 

Let’s be honest, any number of kids is expensive, but wow! Buying things times three adds up quickly! I recently saw a fellow triplet mom post about the school supply list for her kindergarten daughters: 36 glue sticks, 18 boxes of crayons, etc. I immediately became nervous about the school supply shopping in our future. 

I mourn the life I thought I would have.  

Sometimes I wonder what a single pregnancy and childbirth is like or what it would be like to announce a second pregnancy. My most recent doctor’s survey involved writing “typical” in all the milestone blanks. I hate that I don’t get the opportunity to savor every small detail like being able to recount exact milestones and when my kids hit them. 

It’s isolating. 

It’s incredibly hard to find moms I can fully relate to who understand my life and its demands. One night over dinner with some fellow triplet moms, I realized that two and a half years into life with triplets, I had finally shared my birth story with someone else who had been there and understood exactly what I was talking about. It was such an awesome feeling! 

I always feel guilty.

Whether I’m keeping us home from an activity that’s just too hard with a 1:3 ratio, short on time to really focus on being a good friend, or feeling like I’m just not giving equal attention when it’s needed, I’m always fighting against feeling some sort of guilt.  


Never a dull moment raising triplets!

It’s unique and fun.

My kids have a bond that is deeper than that of siblings because they shared a womb. I have the privilege of observing something that is so special and fascinating first-hand. Also, having three kids the same age in our household means similar interests and skill levels (think: mini-preschool). 

I once had someone ask me if the triplets had different personalities. Yes, they are all the same age, but I guarantee that my children possess unique personalities. This is what makes raising triplets so much fun to me! 

It’s made us more intentional. 

If we want to complete a task at home, spend time with adult friends, or even have one-on-one time with our kids, we have to work for it. We’ve learned to be intentional and more dedicated with the things that are important to us. 

It has perks. 

My kids have always had immediate playmates. When we drop them off for church childcare, I have the comfort of knowing they’ll have their best friends with them. 

Even if I don’t love the spotlight, the triplet card is always great for starting conversations or saving an awkward one. It makes us memorable, for sure! My husband and I sometimes make a game of seeing how far into a conversation we can make it without spilling the beans that we’re parents of triplets. Our record to date is about one minute. It’s usually inevitable once someone asks your kids’ ages, and you repeat the same number three times.  

There’s also the understated “triplet mom” card that almost always keeps me free from judgment. Why are her kid’s shoes on the wrong feet? Oh, she has triplets, that’s how she has to do things. 

Raising triplets opened new opportunities.

There is so much to be thankful for in our crazy life. I’ve discovered relationships with other moms of multiples and triplets that I never would have if it weren’t for having triplets. (Yes, clubs and Facebook groups for triplet moms really are a thing.) Raising triplets is what inspired me to become a contributor for Birmingham Moms Blog. I can’t wait to see what other opportunities are in store for me and my little family! 

So, what other questions do you have about raising triplets? 


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Stacey grew up in Birmingham and being the homebody she is, decided to stay and attend college at Samford University where she earned a degree in elementary education. She always dreamed of being a SAHM, but never imagined she'd be using her classroom management savvy to help raise BGG triplets. She met her husband, Jonathan, at the dear age of five, but it took them 20 more years and lots of different paths to realize they were meant for each other. A major planner at heart, Stacey is learning that some of the best things in life come in the unexpected. She and her husband currently live in Bluff Park and enjoy the unique challenges that their exciting family life brings. When she does get time to herself, Stacey enjoys exercise-especially Zumba, chai lattes, pedicures, a good book, and quality time with friends.


  1. Loved this thank you for sharing! I have 6 month GBB triplets and I can certainly relate to much of what you said even though we still have several baby milestones to hit. This is great encouragement to reach out to other moms of multiples.

    • Hey Kathryn,
      Congrats on making it to 6 months! I’m so glad to hear that this post encouraged you to reach out to other moms of multiples. It’s so important to find a group that helps encourage you and make you feel “normal.” I always joke with my husband that I’m heading to my support group for multiples because it seriously is just that!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I have spontaneous triplets and I definitely find myself wondering what it would have been like to just have one or even two at a time. My life is about as far from what I would have envisioned for myself, so it’s nice to hear I’m not the only one feeling a little bad for myself 🙂 Yet there are sooo many amazing things about it too. Just feels good to know there’s another mommy out there feeling the same way!

  3. Loved this (it was shared on a triplet mom Facebook group in fact)! I’m mom of 1 yr old triplets and 3 yr old twins, and also a contributor for the Collin County moms blog in Texas. Great job on this post, it has touched many triplet mama hearts!

    • Nadia,
      Thanks for the kind comments. It truly warms my heart to know that some other triplet mammas have been encouraged by my post. My goal in blogging is to encourage other moms with our story, and it’s so nice to hear when that has happened. I can’t wait to check out some of your posts as well!

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