The Quarantine :: New Respect for Stay-At-Home Moms


I’ll be the first to admit it: I’ve kind of judged stay-at-home moms (SAHMs) over the years. 

I couldn’t understand it at all when they’d say they have trouble balancing everything from cleaning to scheduling. They have all day, right?

I’ve worked full-time and always found time to clean, cook, and get us where we need to go.

Life is harder staying home.

But this quarantine has taught my super-productive self something: life is harder staying home. 

You see, my husband has continued to work full-time during this pandemic. I, being a teacher, swapped my on-the-go life for not just staying home . . . but STAYING HOME. We’ve gone out to the front yard, and when the midnight storms hit, we went to our storm shelter.

That’s it. 

Surprisingly, everything I thought would be amazing about being a SAHM has backfired in my face. Just today — during nap time — I got around to the mound of dishes that were mocking me since last night. Why didn’t I do the dishes last night? you ask. I was just too exhausted to tackle them.

There are blocks all over my living room, and I’m covered in stickers. 

I didn’t mop for three weeks straight. But I tried. I’ve watched every single @gocleanco story on Instagram and was motivated, but the kids didn’t allow me to get to it. 

I will say I have finally started making the bed in this quarantine life. That might be the only change. 

I See You, Stay-at-Home Mamas

Now I get it. 

I find myself eating lunch insanely late just to get some peace and quiet. I’m desperate for adult conversations. I pick up toys more times than I care to admit, just to see the floor. My clothing has lived in the laundry until I’ve had to wash it again. 

It’s nearly impossible to be as productive as you’d like to be when two tiny people are underfoot constantly making demands and messes. 

For the first time in motherhood, I’ve raised my voice. I’ve raised my voice more than ever before. And I’ve lost my very long sense of patience with these small people.

Stay-at-Home Mamas: I’m Sorry

It’s hard being home.

I appreciate what you do much more now. Yes, you don’t have the traditional 9-to-5 boss, but these little bosses don’t give you a single break. And then you still have to bathe them at the end of a long day!