Party with Your Dermatologist {Yes, it’s a thing!}

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How fun would it be to gather some friends and hang after hours with a super hip dermatologist who happens to be a master injector? What if bubbly, snacks, and amazing deals were provided? What if you and your friends got to turn Botox into a party in a beautiful facility with a staff dedicated to excellence? That sounds amazing, right? Well, it’s exactly what Dr. Corey Hartman and Skin Wellness Dermatology are currently offering with their new All Access events.

I had a chance to chat with both Dr. Hartman and Meredith Tolleson, one of his All Access clients, and I’m excited to share the scoop on Birmingham’s best party.

Photo provided by Skin Wellness Dermatology. This is Dr. Hartman in action!

How does it work?

A client books an All Access event, invites his or her friends, and enjoys the party and the deals that come with it. Skin Wellness Dermatology provides food, beverages, a clean (read: medical facility kind of clean) space, and a wealth of expertise. Events can even be upgraded with live music, party packs, and specialty drink options, so get creative!

There is no cost to the host, but there are deals for everyone!
Hosts who bring 10+ guests receive FREE Botox.
Hosts with 15+ guests receive FREE Botox plus FREE filler.
Hosts with 20+ guests receive FREE Botox, FREE filler, and a $1,000 Skin Wellness gift card.

Every guest receives a special deal on Botox as well! Pricing for All Access guests is currently $11/unit for Botox and $100 off each syringe of filler.

What makes an All Access event special?

While the team at Skin Wellness Dermatology is great at making every patient feel at home and Dr. Hartman’s Botox skills are unmatched 24/7, a daytime appointment solo can’t really compare to a party with friends after hours. Meredith explained to me that it’s a blast getting friends on the same Botox schedule and just hanging out while everyone takes turns with the doctor. The whole facility is for the party, and doors to the rooms are open to pop in and say hey to one another. How fun!

For people who have questions about injectables, an All Access party is great because you’re among friends in a very casual setting. You can come with questions, get the information you need, and enjoy the social aspects of the party. There is no pressure to have treatments, but you’re in a space where you can watch them being done. Dr. Hartman specifically mentioned his excitement over people coming with a friend they trust, feeling welcomed, and leaving with more understanding of what Skin Wellness Dermatology is about. Receiving Botox isn’t a requirement.

How does Covid19 impact All Access events?

I specifically asked Dr. Hartman about this because it’s on everyone’s mind. I was so happy when he explained all that was being done to ensure a safe experience for all Skin Wellness patients, not just those attending a party. After going all virtual for several weeks due to Covid quarantines, the doors opened again in May. There have been no issues at all! Dr. Hartman and the entire team are taking their cues from the experts, and that means practicing an abundance of caution. There is no shared food at All Access events, and even bottles of Prosecco have gone individual. Skin Wellness Dermatology has a deep clean on the office nightly, runs temperature checks on everyone entering the building, and follows all masking guidelines. Their full explanation of Covid19 guidelines can be found here; prepare to be impressed.

Why Dr. Hartman and Skin Wellness Dermatology?

One thing I love is a testimonial. I couldn’t get on the phone with one of Dr. Hartman’s patients without chatting a bit about what sets him apart. I mean, he’s one of those doctors where two people who trust him with their health can’t help but do the whole, “Isn’t he the best?!?” thing when they connect. So that’s what Meredith and I did.

She shared that she’s been a patient for over two years now, and one thing she has loved about hosting All Access events is the opportunity to share Dr. Hartman with friends. She had an unfortunate Botox experience with another provider before finding Skin Wellness, and she was determined not to go down that road again. Dr. Hartman won her over with his expertise, his down-to-earth personality, and his determination to make Botox look natural. Now Meredith tells her friends, “I promise he’s not going to blow you up like a Real Housewife!” Her confidence in the team at Skin Wellness Dermatology has her excited to plan her third All Access event in a few months. Yes, I said third. Botox is awesome, normalizing it is great, and sharing your guy with friends in a party setting is pretty unreal.

How do you get started on an All Access event?

If you’re a current Skin Wellness Dermatology client, just give them a call to set up your party. Availability is around Dr. Hartman’s schedule, so it’s all customized.

If you’re not a current client, enjoy getting to know Dr. Hartman and his team! Schedule a consultation, get comfortable, and go from there.

All scheduling can be done through the website or by calling 205-871-7332.


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