Nine Signs Your Child May Need an Eye Exam: UAB Callahan Eye Hospital & Clinics

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Have you noticed your child holding electronics or books a little closer than usual? Struggling with reading comprehension? Performing poorly in sports? With shifting schedules and the ongoing pandemic, your routine may look a little different. Your child may be learning from home or adjusting to a flex school schedule, and it can be hard to notice small changes in your child’s behavior when it comes to vision. 

UAB Callahan Eye HospitalHere are nine signs your child may need an eye exam:

Complaining of headaches

Straining eyes to focus can cause headaches over extended periods of time. 

Eye fatigue after reading

Eye fatigue can cause burning, itching, and tiredness. If a child is falling behind in reading comprehension or shies away from reading activities, this might be the culprit. 

Poor sports performance

A child with an untreated vision problem might perform poorly in sports due to clumsiness, poor hand-eye coordination, the inability to focus or depth perception problems. 

Squinting or closing one eye

By squinting, a child is subconsciously attempting to make the pupil smaller, therefore letting in less light and enhancing his/her focus.

Blinking or rubbing one eye

If a child rubs his/her eyes while trying to concentrate on an activity, particularly when reading or while being active, it could mean the child has a vision problem. 

Poor reading ability and comprehension

If a child seems disinterested in reading, does not understand material read or reads the same sentence multiple times, it might be time to schedule an eye exam.

Poor school performance

Children do not have a concept of poor vision. They might not tell you when they have trouble reading something the teacher writes on the blackboard. As a result, their grades can suffer. 

Losing their place while reading

Using a finger to track the words can be typical behavior for children while learning to read, but eventually they should be able to focus on the words without losing their place. 

Click here for more information on what to look for in determining if your child needs an eye exam. If you notice your child displaying any of these symptoms, it may be time to schedule a comprehensive eye exam at Callahan Eye Hospital & Clinics

UAB Callahan Eye Hospital

Callahan employs experienced, top-notch pediatric ophthalmologists who specialize in eye care for your smallest family member-starting from birth. Is your child non-verbal? Does he/she struggle with sensory overload? Our practices are sensory inclusive, certified through KultureCity, and our physicians are expertly trained to know what to do to make the eye exam experience comfortable for everyone. 

What can you expect while your child is receiving their comprehensive eye exam at Callahan? 

  • A full spectrum of care provided by some of the best ophthalmologists and optometrists in the country
  • A kid-friendly, sensory-inclusive environment, ensuring patients are comfortable during their experience
  • Complete optical shop stocked with an impressive variety of glasses, sunglasses, eye care accessories, as well as an onsite optician to help during the fitting process.

Being a mom is hard enough. Let Callahan Eye Hospital & Clinics take care of your child’s eye care. If you think your child might benefit from an eye exam, please call or text us at (844) UAB-EYES.