Let’s Hear it for the BMB Dads!!

Daddy loves his little girl!

Father’s Day is this Sunday, and we want to take this opportunity to recognize some of the dads behind Birmingham Moms Blog!

As mothers, we get to follow up our own celebration with one for the fathers of our precious children. These men truly are to be celebrated for their strength, tenderness, love, and influence in our families.

Today, some BMB team members are sharing touching moments of seeing their partners in the role of father. Join us in celebrating these men, as well as the daddies you get to witness in action each day!

“My husband loves with his whole heart. I’ll never forget seeing the joy abundantly overflowing on his face when he first saw our children after birth. They are now 20 and 18, and he still carries that love with him. He is so proud of them and gets excited to see what they are involved in, etc. He just loves with a pure love. I wish I could be like him in that way. I don’t know what I would do without my David!” Stephanie W.

“I think my husband became a Father the moment he knew I was pregnant. He would research healthy foods for growing babies and then bring them home. He bought low vapor cleaners, and wouldn’t let me clean anything because he was afraid I would get the chemicals on my hands, or breathe it in, and that might get to the baby. When he met our son for the first time, he was remarkable. They talk about moms having a natural instinct to immediately be moms, but he was immediately ready to be a dad. He scooped up our son like he’d been holding babies for years, and he just smiled so big, quite proud to be Daddy. Endlessly patient, always time to read a book before bed, and constantly a strong man when we need it most, he’s incredible and I’m so happy my sons have him as their Dad.” Cassidy C.

Jenny’s husband Soo-Young gazes at his newborn son.

“Watching my husband become a dad was precious. I don’t remember the first moment because I was so overwhelmed myself, but shortly after, the nurse put my crying baby in my husband’s arms, and he went silent as soon as he heard his father’s voice. It was such a special moment to see my husband and son meet one another and connect in a tangible way. Although my husband’s connection to my son may look different from mine (more dance parties than snuggles), he adores fatherhood and the gift it’s been in his life.” Jenny Y.

“Watching my husband tear up and immediately bond with our first baby. It took me awhile to bond at first because I was overwhelmed, hormonal and in pain! I think that’s just one of the reasons God gives daddies — for moments just like that!” Julie T.

Snuggle time for Julie S.’s husband Nathan and his firstborn.

“There’s something about the first time they lay the baby on their own chest and snuggle. And the baby feels so safe on that big chest and in those strong arms. My son can be the mini-me of his dad, and I am blessed because my husband is just the best. He loves my kids in sweet ways like getting really excited about buying their birthday presents, snuggling with them before bed, praying over them at night, and kissing their foreheads before they go to sleep. I’ve watched him grow into his role as a dad so naturally. It’s clear he would do anything for us, even get up in the middle of the night and chase a burglar away when I thought I heard something (usually nothing!). Love this man of mine even more after seeing the way he parents our kids, a great picture of our Heavenly Father and they way He loves us.” Julie S. 

“Seeing my husband’s complete JOY overwhelming is something I will never forget! He has always been such a prayer warrior during each pregnancy and especially when the babies were born. Now, he fervently lifts them before the Lord everyday and gives them Godly wisdom as they grow into incredible adults.” Lynn C.

Kendra’s husband Reggie is smitten with his baby girl!

“It was definitely LOVE at first sight! The look on my husband’s face says it all. Protector, provider, teacher, coach, playmate, and friend…he has evolved into many different roles as their father. We are forever grateful for this man after God’s own heart.” Kendra L.

“My husband had never held a baby before our own son was born. After the birth of our first child, he didn’t just scoop him up and automatically become a “pro” baby whisperer either. He tip-toed into fatherhood, careful to observe and take in all the newness. With each baby we added, his expertise in swaddling and knowledge about all things baby grew. My husband might not have started out as a baby guru, but he loved our children deeply and unconditionally. Fatherhood changed the way I saw him; he wasn’t just my husband anymore, he was my child’s dad. The honor of being their dad, has never been lost on him or me even for an instant. I loved him on our wedding day, but it pales in comparison to how much I loved him the day he held our son for the first time.” Alli N.

Shay’s hubby is a playful daddy!

“My husband is exactly the kind of daddy I had always prayed for, for my future children. He is loving and caring and brings lots of fun and giggles to our daughter! When she was a newborn, he never complained about getting up with her; in fact, I believe he enjoyed it. He still loves to snuggle her. One thing that sticks out in my memory about him as a daddy is the time we all played hide-and-seek. He snuck in her bedroom and somehow managed to hide in her mountain of stuffed animals! I saw him (after we looked all over the house once), but it took her seriously about 15 minutes to find him. She started crying, because she thought he’d gotten lost. I showed her where he was and he sat there, among 1,245 stuffed animals, comforting her. She was two at that time and I knew then that I had the best husband and she had the best daddy in the whole wide world!” Shay D.

“When we decided I wasn’t going back to work, we both knew it meant my husband’s second job was no longer for fun money, but for essentials, and that he would be working A LOT. When I was pregnant with our second, I would meet him when he got off from a 24-hour shift in the morning, and he would take our son mountain biking at Oak Mountain before heading into his second job. He had this little seat that attached to the bike between his arms. It was the cutest thing. Since then, he has always looked for ways to include our boys in the things he is doing. Whether it is trading in his motorcycle for a Jeep that the whole family can ride in, snuggling in on the couch to read with our oldest, or slowing down while doing car work so our youngest can help, he is always finding ways to spend time with our boys.” Amy R.

“My love for my husband grew even deeper each time one of our children was born. The gleam that he had in his eyes outweighed the fact that with our first daughter we were both about to be young parents. I was terrfied! The very first time he held her he grabbed my hand and gave me this look that said, we can do this together. Without saying one word, he assured me that I would never have to do this alone. Through the years he has continued to show each one of them that it was a blessing to be their father. He has always been hands-on, by helping feed, changing diapers, or even when coming home after working night shift, allowing me to sleep while he took over all the duties of having a newborn. But it wasn’t until the day that we found out that we had lost our second son, when I was around 28 weeks pregnant, that I began to truly understand a father’s love for his children and truly understand how deep my love was for him. He displayed so much courage that even 5 years later, I still call him my hero! I have to be completely honest, in the delivery room I was so hurt and so broken that I didn’t have the strength to face this horrific situation. When asked by the doctor and nurses did I want to hold him, my first thought was I can’t, because it was like if I didn’t face it, then it wasn’t true! It was like my husband at that moment could see this very thought passing through my confused brain, and the pain of my hurting heart. He grabbed my hand and gave me that look same look he did 16 years earlier. I knew right then we could do this together. He quietly said, ‘I want to hold my son!’ When they brought Preston to him, he held him tightly yet so gently in his arms and fell to his knees, and cried out. It was only because of him displaying so much strength, courage, and love that I was able to not only hold Preston but sing him a lullaby. That was a moment that I knew that I could never get back on this side of life. It was a moment that I knew I would have regretted if I didn’t hold him for the first and last time. I think my husband knew and understood that, and although that moment was deeply painful, it is now a moment that we deeply treasure. Happy Father’s Day to not only the love of my life, but my HERO!” LaTasha A.

Dori’s husband, Gary, takes his son for his first visit to the pediatrician.

“I love my husband differently after seeing him as a father to our daughters. His love for them is so pure and unconditional. He is one of the most natural fathers I have ever seen — from Day 1, he has been eager to hold, soothe, play, change diapers, etc. Each day, I’m reminded how blessed I am when he comes home and our girls greet him with great enthusiasm. I’m pretty sure it’s their favorite time of the day, and I love seeing them so happy together. It fills my heart with joy, and I’m so grateful he’s ours.” Betsy G.

“Gary is the sweetest dad to his three boys. This video is him meeting his first son and greeting him with a kiss.” Dori P.

Gary holding Ian for first time. Note how ian grins when daddy kisses him. Thick as thieves from day 1. TBT

Posted by Dori Whitehead Pekmezi on Thursday, April 25, 2013


And now we want to hear from YOU! What are some of your sweetest memories of your husband as a father?