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We have had a blast working with Dr. Jeff Flannery and his team at Oak Mountain Pediatric Dentistry for three years now, and we are excited to help you get to know them better! Enjoy these quick bios on a group we know your kids will love!

Dr. Jeff Flannery

Dr. Jeff: I am married to my amazing wife Ellen, and we just had our 6th child in August (4 girls & 2 boys)! We love traveling to the beach and the mountains! We are always on-the-go to church, dance, music lessons, or soccer! I am so thankful for my team here at OMPD and feel so blessed to serve our patients and their families for the past 5 years and counting!


Madeline: I have been the Office Manager at OMPD for almost 5 years – since we very first opened! I actually met Dr. Jeff at another dentist office when I had to jump his car off (LOL) and was so blessed that he asked me to come help him open this office! I majored in Health Care Management at UAB and also got my MBA degree from there! I have loved getting to know all of the precious families we have cared for over the years and meeting new ones every day.


Stephanie: I have been practicing dental hygiene for nearly 25 years. I am a wife and mom to 7 children and 4 pets. In my spare time I enjoy working on home renovations with my husband, leisurely Jeep rides, and having cookouts with friends. At OMPD, I love educating both parents and children on good dental hygiene and helping children not be afraid of the dentist!


Hollie: I have been working in dentistry for 20 years! I am married to my husband for 16 years, and we have two crazy teenagers. We enjoy hiking, camping, and being outdoors with our 3 dogs. I absolutely love working at OMPD “where a kid can be a kid.”


Alisa: I am a wife and dog mom. I enjoy being at the lake and spending time with my family. I love working at Oak Mountain Pediatric Dentistry because I get to work with children and meet new families every day. I am thankful to work with such an amazing team!


Mallory: I have been married for 18 years and have 3 amazing children! We enjoy traveling to the beach, hiking, and weekly dinners at our favorite Mexican spot! I have worked at OMPD as a dental hygienist for 1.5 years. I love meeting new families and helping kids develop a love for the dentist!


Katie: I am a mom to two beautiful daughters. I enjoy going to the beach, eating Chick-fil-a, and spending time with my family. I love working at OMPD because I taught preschool for years, and a lot of my students come to the office. I love being able to see them and being around children.


Kathy: I am a wife, mom to 2 boys, and grandmother to four amazing grandboys. I enjoy walking, fishing, and spending time with my family. I love working at OMPD because of Dr. Jeff’s faith and getting to work with children. I used to clean Dr. Jeff’s teeth when he was little, and now I am blessed to work for him.



Oak Mountain Pediatric Dentistry is currently accepting new patients.
They’d love to work with your family!
Visit them online or call 205-980-1338 to schedule.

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