Finding Joy in the Simple, Everyday Things


At some point, my boys began picking dandelions, and any other colorful weed they come across. Then, they run to me with a huge smile declaring, “I picked a flower for you, Momma.” They once spent 20 minutes picking all of the dandelions in the backyard. On another occasion, my oldest sat down in the middle of soccer practice to pick me flowers, and my youngest once drove his power tractor around the front yard stopping every so often to get off and pick dandelions for me.  

Why I Love This

I don’t remember the first time this happened, but it has been going on for years. I always respond with a huge smile and a happy “Thank you.” In that moment, I am thinking how sweet they are to see a “flower” and think of me, and how thankful I am for them and these moments we are sharing.

Sometimes, these flowers end up in vases around the house. Occasionally, I lay them down and forget to do anything else with them. I have a display of dried flowers on the dash of my car that my youngest is always adding to. Each time I get in the car I see them and think of my precious boys. 

Dandelion sketch - Finding Joy in the Simple, Everyday Things
My drawing of the flowers my boys collected for me.

Last spring on a pretty day, the yard was completely filled with “flowers” and the boys brought me so many that we had two vases and two cups of dandelions displayed, between the mantle and the kitchen table. I also pulled out my nature journal and drew some of the bouquet they had collected for me. Now I will always have the flowers the boys picked for me when they were little.

Beauty in the Weeds

Recently, after returning from a Kids Market run, I found my family, in-laws included, in the back yard sitting by the fire. Upon sitting down to relax, my 6 year old darted across the yard, squatted down to pluck a dandelion, and ran over to me … “For you Momma,” he exclaimed. What an awesome welcome home!

I do not know how long these exchanges will continue, but I hope they don’t end anytime soon. I hope that my boys continue to see the beauty in the weeds. Though I don’t remember the first time my oldest picked me a weed and called it a flower, I am thankful that in that moment, I chose to see the beauty. Had I not, had I said “Oh Baby, that’s just a weed”, think of all the moments of joy I would have missed.

Maybe you aren’t the dandelion-in-a-vase kind of girl…

For you, maybe it’s the five minutes he wants to lie with you in the morning before running off to play Legos, or the kisses she blows you when she jumps out of the car at school. Whatever it is, these simple, everyday moments are full of joy and are what you grasp onto and what keeps you going when life gets hard.

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Amy, originally from Maryland, met her husband shortly after moving to Auburn for graduate school in 2000. The two have been together since first meeting, getting married in 2004, and now live in Chelsea with their two boys, ages 8 & 6. Amy's step-daughter, 19, is studying at Vanderbilt. Pre-kids, Amy worked in Property Management but quickly turned SAHM after the birth of her first child. The family manages multiple food allergies and Celiac Disease. Seeing a need for connection and support for local families living with food allergies, she started the local support group, The No Nuts Moms Group of Birmingham, a chapter of the national, No Nuts Moms Group. Amy also home-schools her sons, and is on a quest for organization and minimalism. She enjoys being in nature and camping trips with the family as well as reading and writing about all things motherhood.