Celebrating Easter in the Midst of a Pandemic {Again}


Easter 2021

Let’s be real, Covid-19 has changed the way we celebrate holidays. Easter 2020, coronavirus was just beginning to make its way into the United States. I remember watching our church service remotely, dressing up the kids to take pictures by the newly blooming azalea bushes, and having an Easter egg hunt with our immediate family. Needless to say, it was unlike anything we had ever experienced. Thankfully, with the Covid vaccines more readily available, social distancing protocols in place and masks available, this Easter should look a little more “normal” (whatever that looks like these days.)

Easter in a pandemic . . . again.Easter Crafts and Activities for the Kids

This year I’m sharing some ideas of things to do with your family that will hopefully keep them engaged and entertained.

  • Dye Easter eggs. This is always a fun family favorite! You can purchase kits to dye the eggs and allow your children to participate in the fun. Add silly faces, make polka dots or stripes, and be creative! We’ve learned that the dye likes to stick around for a while, so I encourage you to use old clothes for this activity.
  • Paint your own Easter eggs. You can purchase clay eggs from your local craft store, break out the washable paint, and let your children be creative with their egg decorating. Also, you can cut out eggs or paint sun catchers as well. This is always a fun family activity!
  • Plant flowers. What child doesn’t love a trip to the local home improvement store? I know moms and dads do! Let your children choose a flower to plant in either your flower bed or a pot. We like to plant flowers by the front door where we see them each day, or in a pot and place them inside where they can get lots of sun and the children can learn responsibility by taking care of their own flowers.
  • Make a tape cross. Using painters tape, tape a cross on a piece of paper. Then, let your children do crayons, markers or water colors to paint around the cross. Once it is dry, pull off the tape and they will have the shape of a cross. This is a fun and easy art project you can do together with your kids that you can both enjoy!

We’re going on an Egg Hunt!

Each year in the past we have always hid the Easter eggs for our children and had an Easter basket ready for them when they woke up. This year, here are some ideas to change it up a bit. Because, why not? 

  • Skip the candy this year. Fill the eggs with rewards for your children instead. For example, “Lunch date with Mom/Dad,” “Stay up 15 minutes later,” “Breakfast for dinner.”
  • Use LED eggs. I’ve never seen anything like these, and they’re pretty fun! If the weather isn’t permitting, hide the LED glow-in-the-dark eggs around your house, and this will make for a fun Easter egg hunt indoors. These can also be used outside for a fun and entertaining nighttime egg hunt. We are looking forward to trying these!
  • Have an Easter egg scavenger hunt. Start with a few eggs and put directions to the next egg in each one. This can be as simple or elaborate as you would like and can lead to their Easter basket! I’ve seen different instructions and scavenger hunt ideas online, which can make for a fun Easter Sunday!

Virtual or in-person church

However you decide to worship this Easter Sunday, I encourage you to worship with your children. As we reflect on Easter, it is an important time to remind our children about what Easter means and how our Savior died for us. Whether you dress up in your Easter Sunday best or stream on the couch with your family, each one of us will choose what is best for our own family situation. If you decide to stay home, dress up the kids and take your Easter pictures around your home. These memories are ones that are few and far between. Besides, who doesn’t love getting dressed up?

As we celebrate Easter in the midst of a pandemic, I hope that these ideas will help to make it fun and engaging for your entire family!