Being the Light :: Positive Thinking Upon Returning to School During the Pandemic


Well, Parents, here we are . . . back to school. We certainly didn’t think it was going to look or feel like this, right? Finding new meanings in words like virtual, remote, and hybrid, figuring out whether to buy school clothes or pajamas, or stretching household budgets to include needed childcare — it’s been A LOT!

There are constant conversations with other parents about the search to find some sort of normalcy for the tiny humans who have been away from their teachers, friends, and schools since March. There is certainly a level of uncertainty that has come with this pandemic as well as some “new normal,” like assigned seats on the bus, wearing masks all day, only attending school two days a week, and learning how to navigate Schoology, Edgenuity, and Google classroom.

So again, here we are. Here we are worried, anxious, nervous, maybe a little tipsy, maybe a little thicker; but now we have academically engaged children. We are now mothers, teachers, doctors, nurses, counselors, cooks, and personal assistants (on top of everyday jobs). We are tired! And to top it off, social media and the news are reporting changes every second, minute, hour . . . all the time!

It’s A LOT, but I want to be a light for you and encourage some positivity during this difficult time. There are so many things that we can be grateful for every day, big and small.

  1. We are all in this together and we are all doing the best we can. Say it with me: “I am doing the best I can and I am doing great things every day!” Hey, Parent! No one is asking or expecting you to be perfect! Encourage your tiny humans in the same manner! Modeling positivity will cause them to act positively. 
  2. School may look different, but the academic challenge is still there! Our children are still learning, growing, and thriving! Parents and teachers are now teammates more than ever. The flexibility of virtual learning and remote/hybrid learning allows for more field trips and teachable moments. What better way to learn about ocean life than at the beach or to learn about plants than planting a garden? 

Finally, one last note on staying positive: there is always a positive side to something, you just have to figure it out. Now don’t get me wrong, things are bad and new and scary, but the reality is there are just some things we CANNOT control. And you know what? That is okay. There is so much that we can control and shift in a positive light.

We can take things day by day and find the sunshine every day.

We can smile and celebrate our children and families.

We can celebrate progress and not look for perfection.

We can disconnect and replenish.

We can do our best to remain positive, and things will fall into place in time.

I encourage you all to find some happy and share it with others.