A Letter to the Woman Also Known as Mom


I see the strength that it takes everyday to balance motherhood and life. 

I know the tears you have shed as you contemplate whether or not you are succeeding as a mother. 

I feel the disappointment in yourself every time you mentally collect a tally mark as a result of not responding to your child(ren) in the best way. 

I understand what it feels like to stress and worry as a result of your desire to create the best life for your child(ren) with hopes that the foundation will be enough to propel them into their destiny. 

I feel the weight of uncertainty regarding whether or not you are effectively balancing the role of mother and the many other roles you have inherited or graciously accepted. 

I see, feel, and understand you, because I was you. . . .Well honestly, depending on the day, I am you. 

You Will not be In Love Everyday and That is Okay.

Motherhood is hard! Depending on the day, It is REALLY hard. We have days when we are tired or disgruntled and our littles have days when they are (obviously) tired or disgruntled. Even on the days when you are not at your best mentally and emotionally (and physically), you NOT are a dysfunctional, unequipped mother. 

Asking for Help Makes You Stronger.

Asking for help is not a silent killer. You are not incompetent for accepting support. In fact, it is a game changer and sometimes even a life saver! When you ask for help and allow another to support you, it helps both you and that person. You are being vulnerable enough to allow members of your village to serve you, and that is a big win! 

The Journey is Understood and Shared. 

Although I mentioned this in the introduction, let me be clear and emphasize it a little more. There are women all over the world who are in agreement that motherhood is the hardest hood to be a member of. You should never ever trick yourself into believing that it is a journey that only you can relate to.

Let me shed some light on this following truth: We are all trying to figure this stuff out! The best thing we can do is connect with other awe-inspiring mamas who are willing to support and share their life changing secrets with those of us who are struggling a little bit more. 

A woman stands with her hands on her hips as she looks up at her shadow that is cast on the wall in front of her that shows her in a confident stance and wearing a cape.

From One Mama to Another…

Let’s remind ourselves that we are not perfect nor should we expect to be! We will never be perfect, especially in motherhood. In a culture where we tend to be judgmental, let’s remember that we are all in this struggle together. And because we are part of a community, it is imperative that we are patient, kind, and gracious toward ourselves and our community members. We all share this awe-inspiring struggle! This is a sensitive subject for many of us so if kindness and being supportive are not your goals, then keep your thoughts and comments to yourself! Did I mention that this includes the negative thoughts that you might tell yourself?! Yes, quiet those negative thoughts, too!

You are doing a great job, even on the days when you feel like you’re an epic failure. You are amazing and your journey is awe-inspiring. Your child(ren) need you and you are the best fit for them. No matter what it looks or feels like, remember that kindness, even to yourself, begins with you!

Affirmation: I have survived the difficult moments of yesterday and I will survive the difficult moments of today. 


Love and Light!

Joí Iman



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Hey Mamas! ✨ I am Joí (Joey) Iman Gresham and I am a southern belle with edge and flair. I am a native of Birmingham, AL. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from Alabama A&M University and my Master’s Degree in Social Work and a Certificate in Black Studies from the University of Connecticut (UConn). I am a licensed Social Worker and have been serving vulnerable populations for 12 years in both traditional and non-traditional roles and settings. I am a Wife, Mom, and Bonus Mom. My best friend/husband and I met and dated briefly in 2009. In 2018, we reconnected and established a friendship which led to our marriage in 2020. Our blended family consists of 6 amazing children ages 17, 14, 9, 8, 7, and 4. Let me not forget our fur baby, Arrow. There is never a dull moment in the Gresham household! 🥰 In addition to my roles as wife and mommy / bonus mommy, I also have the pleasure of journeying Entrepreneurship as the owner and CEO of Joí Iman, LLC offering Life Enhancement Services and Products for women and moms which include the following: · Life / Vision Coaching · Personal / Bridal Styling and Image Consulting · Beauty and Tranquility Gift Box (Pregnancy, 4th Trimester/Postpartum, and Grief) · Revive Gift Box (all women) · Inspirational Apparel Joí Iman intentionally and strategically equips and empowers amazing women and moms to rediscover, discover, and embrace their identities while moving forward with adjusting, managing, and living through life’s transitions… “You were born to LIVE, not just exist.” - Joí Iman In my free time, I love spending time with my husband and children, creating new traditions and experiences, listening to music, traveling, reading/journaling, and creating opportunities that align with my purpose to enhance my life and the lives of others whom I have the pleasure to serve. It is an absolute honor and pleasure to connect with and serve other awe-inspiring Mamas! Love and Light! 💖✨


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