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Volunteering with Kids

There is one thing that is always good for my heart, and my soul, and my spirit; when I need a pick-me-up or a little fun or maybe just need to see the joy in another person’s smile, I love to find ways to serve our community. This is something that I also hope to instill in my daughters. However, a lot of the volunteer work that I do is not kid-friendly. Volunteering with kids can be a challenge, BUT there are lots of ways to get kiddos involved in serving our city. Here’s a list of things to do with kiddos to get them active in giving back to our community:

1). Bundles of Hope Diaper Bank

Bundles of Hope Diaper Bank provides diapers to families in need. The girls and I volunteered with Bundles of Hope a few months ago and it was a great activity for both of them. We bundled diapers by size and placed an appropriate label on them. My eight year old helped me wrap diapers and the three year old helped sticker and stack them. They are kid-friendly and pack diapers on the first Saturday of every month at Christian Service Mission downtown. If you’re unable to pack diapers, you could always have your kiddos work with you to organize a diaper drive.

2). Be a Blessing Birmingham

Be a Blessing Birmingham distributes items to our homeless neighbors in Birmingham. You and your kiddos could participate in a Blessing Day by helping to distribute items, or have your kiddos work to collect items on the organization’s wish list. 

3). Urban Purpose

Urban Purpose goes out every Sunday to serve meals to the needy here in Birmingham. Have your family get involved by signing up to prepare a meal.

4). Unless U

If your kiddos are 16 or older, they can volunteer with Unless U, an organization in Birmingham that serves adults with developmental disabilities and their families. 

5). Greater Birmingham Humane Society

The Greater Birmingham Humane Society is great for kids who love those furry friends. They have a variety of ways listed on their site for people of all ages to get involved. If you have a different animal shelter in your community, consider reaching out to them to find out how your family can serve them together.

6). Lifeline Children’s Services

Sign up to host a lemonade stand to raise money for orphans with Lifeline Children’s Services.

These are just a few of the many great organizations doing incredible things right here in Birmingham that you and your kiddos can team up with to serve our city. There are so many ways to get kids involved in spreading kindness this summer, like: writing kind chalk messages on the sidewalk, leaving a treat for the mail carrier, baking treats for a neighbor, sending a card, making cards for a nursing home or Children’s of Alabama, and on and on and on.

I’d love to hear about other organizations that you serve along with your kids and other ways that you are getting your kids involved in spreading some love and joy this summer. Comment below!



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