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We partnered with the Birmingham Barons to share this great information!

When the Birmingham Barons moved downtown in 2013, the goal was to create an easily accessible family destination in a beautiful part of the city. Five years later, it’s safe declare the mission was accomplished, and the Barons continue to deliver on it. It’s no secret that we at Birmingham Moms Blog love Barons games, but now we’ve partnered with the team to share even more!

The Barons are making a huge push for families with several new initiatives, including the Family Fun Park where kids can enjoy inflatables during the game. There’s also the famous berm where they have a blast running around and rolling down the hill. Kids 12 and under can even run the bases after every Sunday game! Combine these things with a location that’s easy to reach and the fact that getting in and getting out is a breeze, and you’re talking a major win!

The Family Fun Park is a hit!

There are some great options for 2018 tickets.

Check them all out here.

Season Tickets

Season packages are a great way to support the Barons and become part of the “Home Team”. Season ticket packages are very flexible, affordable, and have great entertainment value.

Magic City Pack

The all-new Magic City Pack is a great way to secure the same seat to enjoy the 11 biggest Barons games of the 2018 season along with the Southern League All-Star Game.

Event Spaces

With several options for your fully-catered, custom-made picnic, your group outing will be one to remember. The Barons staff handles set-up, cooking, and clean-up. This “turn-key” approach assures that everyone, including the group leader, will enjoy themselves.

Family/Group Outing

The Barons offer several different options for your group outing entertainment. Whether you choose a fully catered luxury suite, a custom-made picnic, or discounted group tickets, your group outing will be one to remember!

Upcoming Events 

The Barons have a full calendar of giveaways and promotions, but we’re particularly excited about Peppa Pig and George coming for a meet and greet on Saturday, June 2nd. We’re so excited, in fact, that we’re doing a ticket giveaway for that game! (Check our Facebook and Instagram for details.)

Here’s just a sampling of what’s happening:

Saturday, June 2nd: Peppa Pig and George
Sunday, June 17th: Father’s Day Catch with Dad
Wednesday, July 18th: Peanut Free Night
Friday, July 20th: Superhero Night

Tuesdays: 50-Cent Hot dogs
Thursdays: Thirsty Thursday
Fridays: Friday Night Fireworks
Sundays: Kids Run the Bases

If you’re looking for family fun that won’t break the bank,
you can’t miss with the Birmingham Barons!


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