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It’s an American classic, a family favorite. It’s simple, easy to make at home or find on any menu, and they’re relatively inexpensive. It’s a go to….which begs the question. Where is your ‘Go-To’ for the Best Birmingham Burger? 

So many could make the list. I think for this particular pick, it depends on how you like them or maybe even where you’re located. You can find them dressed in any number of options and combinations. The bun, the sides….it all makes a difference. The hot topic at my house is cheese, and well, mayonnaise. 

There are many debates and unanswered questions surrounding the history and origin of this phenomenon. No one can really agree. Some think it was created between 1885-1904. There is a great divide regarding the country of origin. Germany? Russia? The debate continues between the truest definition…hamburger steak, a beef sandwich, a flattened meatball. The list goes on. 

Regardless of all of the information out there, the truth is that there are a great number of fantastic options right at our fingertips. You can go fancy or drive-thru. You can get a single or double. You can have it with a milkshake or without. This list is by no means exhaustive. This is a deeply personal preference, and I can’t wait to hear how you like your burger! 

Multiple Locations

  1. SawsI mean!!  I do not think there is anything on their menu that is not delicious. The burger is a classic, hand made patty. It doesn’t need a lot of fuss. There are multiple locations, which make this an easy find. I can’t wait to try the Leeds location. 
  2. Ashley Mac’s – This has always been a favorite lunch spot. The fresh and classic menu never disappoints. I always seem to grab something from the frozen section to put in my freezer for those nights that I just don’t have cooking in me. I was so excited when they added a burger to their menu. It’s a double patty and comes with a kick…the poppy’s pickles. The only caveat is that they’re only available on Fridays and Saturdays.
  3. Chubbfathers – I first came in contact with this gem at a food truck at one of our local school events. That’s one thing I love about them. They seem to love the community. They have lots of extras and sauces to really build up your burger…the messier the better? Their physical locations are Alabaster and Chelsea.
  4. Mooyah Burgers – There are three locations in Birmingham (Hoover, The Colonnade, and downtown). They also offer quite the selection of burger options as well as a gluten free menu. You can even get a lettuce bun. I firmly believe whatever is inside a lettuce bun doesn’t count against the daily calorie tally.
  5. MugshotsThis southern born franchise is all about the good times and the bun. I must say I agree. This makes my list simply because of the bun and their french fries. The options here range from peanut butter to fried eggs. There really is something for everyone. They have a location in Vestavia and in downtown.

Central Locations

  1. Chez FonfonLooking for a date night? This uber chic French restaurant in the heart of 5 Points South provides a classic burger. Step inside and feel as though you’ve traveled across oceans. They’re delicious, don’t break the bank, and are served amidst the best of atmospheres. 
  2. Hero DonutsTalk about kid friendly! This place is located in Homewood right across the street from Homewood Central Park. My family and I ran in thinking we would get donuts and play at the park and were shocked at their loaded menu. When I saw hamburgers, I couldn’t pass it up. They were the perfect size and made our picnic even more special. 
  3. Shake ShackThis makes my list because of nostalgia. I got married in New York City. Every trip included this stop. It was quick and inexpensive, especially in NYC terms. They have locations all over the country, but the Birmingham one resides at the Summit. The struggle comes in regards to adding cheese to the fries and saying no to the milkshake. They do offer a ‘Shroom Burger for our vegetarian friends.


  1. Craft BurgerWhen I moved back to the 280 area, this became a frequent ‘go to.’ They also offer hot dogs and a Cuban sandwich, which you can’t find just anywhere. They even have catered, individual lunch boxes. They are located near the Valleydale, Caldwell Mill intersection. There is a second location downtown, which is hopefully only temporarily closed.
  2. The Depot Deli & GrillIf you’re in Helena or near it, I’m sure you’ve heard of the Depot. They offer a fun atmosphere and have great scenic spots outside. While tempted to try other menu options, I always go Burger!!! 
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Carri has called Birmingham home for the last 15 years. She grew up in Tuscumbia, Alabama before spending some time in Tuscaloosa gaining a degree in psychology. From there, she moved to Birmingham to do her graduate work at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She and her husband met through a mutual friend and were married one year later in New York City. She spent six years as a third grade teacher and is now a stay-at-home mom to Cecil (four years) and Birdie (six months). When given the opportunity, she loves to read, cook, and even exercise (that's a new one). Motherhood has deepened her love for many things, coffee being close to the top.