Our Family Movie Night at Grand River Drive-In

We were happy to partner with Grand River Drive-In on our family movie night! Thank you to the drive-in for hosting us. This content is sponsored by Grand River Drive-In, but we 100% had a blast and are sharing our true opinions (and our kids')!

Grand River Drive-InHeading out to the movies with the family can be challenging these days… many theaters are closing because of COVID restrictions, and ticket prices are so high a family of 4 has to pay at least $50 to see a film! That’s why when we heard about the Grand River Drive-In, we knew this could be the perfect way to stay safe within the COVID restrictions, pay a reasonable amount of money, and have lots of fun! Our family movie night just got a whole lot better…


We arrived at the Grand River Drive-In entrance at about 7 pm, 30 minutes before our movie began. They recommend buying tickets online, so that you make sure you reserve your spot for the movie you want to see. There are 4 screens with 4 different movies showing at the same time. When you check in, they will give you a sheet of paper with directions on what to do. The directions include what to tune your radio to so you can hear the movie. 

Grand River Drive-In


The Grand River Drive-In has an excellent place to buy movie snacks and meals–the Snack Shack! We were very impressed with the wide selection of food items. We tried out a couple of candy items, but the star of the show was the pretzel fries! 

Grand River Drive-In


  1. Get there a little early. I would plan to arrive about 30 minutes before your show begins. This will give you enough time to find your parking space, set up your chairs and blankets, get your snacks from the Snack Shack, have a potty break, get the radio tuned in, and get back to your car before the movie begins. 
  2. Wear comfortable shoes. Once you park, you will be about 100 yards from the Snack Shack, bathrooms, etc. so you will want to wear comfortable shoes (especially when carrying a toddler in the dark!). Also, it’s rocky gravel in the parking lot so wear some good shoes for steady footing!
  3. Don’t forget your mask. You will need to wear a mask when you go to the Snack Shack and common areas. Just like most places you go these days, the Grand River Drive-In is following the CDC guidelines! 
  4. Bring a flashlight. It’s pretty dark in the parking area, so bring a flashlight or make sure you have your phone with you. This way you can light your way to the hang out area with the Snack Shack, and we found it handy when opening snacks! 
  5. Bring chairs. Some of our family wanted to sit in the back of our SUV with all of the blankets, while others wanted to sit in the open air. We brought both chairs and comfortable stuff in the back of the car so kids could meander back and forth. 
  6. Bring blankets, pillows, comfy stuff. We made the back of our SUV into a pallet with blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, and our kids loved it! Some families just bring lawn chairs to sit in, and some sit forward facing in their car. It’s up to you! With our little ones we loved the cozy feel, and it was like our own Family Movie night only in the car! 
  7. Buy tickets online. The drive-in recommends buying tickets online especially for Friday and Saturday nights when they are the busiest. You can find information on buying tickets HERE
  8. Follow them on Instagram. They update their movies on Instagram regularly so you know exactly which movies you want to see. 
  9. Not into the movie? No problem! The Grand River Drive-In has a beautiful courtyard area that includes putt putt, Cornhole, and lots of seating. Enjoy a beverage from their bar, and sit in several open areas. 

Grand River Drive-InLooking for a fun holiday movie at the Grand River Drive-In? Come and join us at our next event… Holiday Drive-In with Santa! We are showing the movie Elf, and Santa will be in attendance for socially-distanced photos. Read all about the details, and buy your tickets HERE

Grand River Drive-In

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