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I moved to Birmingham for work in 2010, shortly after graduating from The University of Alabama. Although it’s not too far from where I grew up in Northport, Alabama, it is a much larger city and I was drawn to it for many reasons. I instantly loved all of the restaurants with award-winning chefs, the hiking trails and parks, and the various art and music events held each year in the city. I also love the proximity to both the beach and the mountains.

I met my husband at a church small group, and we married in 2013. We settled in my husband’s hometown, Chelsea, which is just a short drive “over the mountain” as they say here.
I think Birmingham is a special place to raise children because of all the fun things to do such as baseball games, visiting museums, the zoo, and the wonderful school systems available throughout the area.
Having fun early in our relationship


I have been blessed with two amazing children, Conner who is almost six, and Olivia who is two. They are both quite different, not only in gender, but also with their unique personalities. Once I was used to parenting in one way with my son, my daughter came along and taught me that two children in the same household can need nurturing in completely opposite ways.
My favorite part about being a mom is watching them both discover things with excitement and joy. It’s like getting to explore the world all over again with your favorite little sidekicks. A close second, though, would be realizing the deep love my mom had and still has for me, which has played a huge role in shaping me into the mother I am today.
The most challenging part of motherhood to me is watching them struggle through things. Whether emotional or physical, it is hard to see my children endure things I wish they did not have to, and things I cannot easily fix for them. I am thankful, though, that my husband and I can be there for them and help them learn to persevere through the challenges of life.
Hiking Dunnavant Valley Greenway Trail with my family


I am thrilled to be included in the BMC group. I have enjoyed reading the blogs over the years and appreciate the transparency from the women represented here. I think most people thrive in community, and I see this as another way to expand on the community I already have.
For a large portion of my son’s life and the first year of my daughter’s, I was home alone with them as my husband traveled constantly for work. Through that experience, I have gained so much respect for single moms and parents and have learned a great deal on managing a household when you are doing a majority of it yourself. I have learned the importance of creating balance between helping your children be independent, but also creating a home life that is fun, loving and, is their safe place to fall when troubles arise.
I hope to uplift and encourage moms with the posts I write and the stories I share.
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Martin was born and raised in the Tuscaloosa area. She obtained her undergraduate and graduate degrees from The University of Alabama and moved to Birmingham to work in the financial industry shortly thereafter. She met her husband, Zac, while at a church small group and they both knew quickly that they had found their person. They got engaged after less than a month of dating, and they were married six months later. After having their son, Martin decided to stay at home, as her husband traveled a great deal for his job. Martin and her family made the move to Zac’s hometown, Chelsea, a few years ago and have settled into the area and now call it home. They added to their family by welcoming a little girl. Both children, now ages 5 and 2, are full of life and keep Martin on her toes. Martin and her family are active members of their local community church and they love participating and volunteering in various groups within the church. In her free time, Martin enjoys attending concerts and doing outdoor activities with her family.


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