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I was born and raised in a city that barely sleeps . . . Birmingham! I can honestly say that even though I have dreamed of moving to other places, Birmingham is definitely a growing city and getting attention whether good or bad. I love how Birmingham offers various cultural festivals and concerts that bring us all together. There’s a lot of history here. And there’s always something to do or some place you can take your family for a little adventure. 


I am the amazing mother of two beautiful children: Mia (5) and Justin (2). They are the most caring, smart, and energized–but lovable–children I’ve ever seen. 

Motherhood could possibly be the best job I have ever had. There are always days when I feel like I’m not doing enough for them, and some days where I feel like they don’t have enough. But on BOTH days, I know I’ve won. 

There is nothing I wouldn’t do to keep my kids happy or make them feel safe. We have a great time each day playing and learning. Kids absorb so much so fast that we might think we’re not doing it well, but in their mind, we are! Nothing is like a sweet big hug or kiss and a million goodbyes. 

I honestly think I need two of me just to handle them and my everyday life. However, being a mom is amazing, and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. 


I’ve followed Birmingham Moms Blog for a long time. I love everything from the posts about parenting to the posts about cooking. Birmingham Moms Blog shares information and stories we can all either utilize in our everyday lives or pass on to someone we know. I love to write myself and enjoy brainstorming ideas from time to time. Writing is very peaceful for me. Being a part of something so great will allow me to focus and read even more. I couldn’t be happier to join such a great group of women! 

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Lavetta was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. She is the mom of 2 beautiful children whom are 5 and 2. She loves to spend time with her family, cooking and reading. Lavetta’s kids, Mia and Justin are definitely her motivation, her determination and her decision makers, knowing that everything she does reflects as a whole on them. They spend their weekends doing exciting things, whether it’s the park, zoo, local festivals, coloring which is their favorite, movies and Target trips. She is VERY excited to be a part of a group that she has enjoyed reading and learning from.


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