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As a native who was born and raised in Birmingham, I always promised that I would leave Birmingham the first chance I got. Well, you know what they say about the best-laid plans? I ended up staying in Birmingham, attended college at UAB, married my college sweetheart (who is also a Birmingham native), and now Birmingham is where we get to raise our family together. Oh, Birmingham . . . I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Our city is so rich in culture and I’m grateful to get to raise my kids in a place that is literally rising from its ashes in history. From the museums to the festivals to the ever-evolving foodie scene, I’m excited to share my heart for Birmingham with this community. I constantly find myself falling in love with this city over and over again.


I am a mama to four amazing kiddos ranging in ages from 6 months to 11 years old. They are really a brilliant, talented bunch — I may only be just a tiny bit biased! We are a veteran homeschool family and now that more families are being thrust into the world of homeschool/virtual school, I love to help other moms adjust to homeschool life and cater it to their lifestyle and children’s needs.

By day, I’m a SAHM and blogger/influencer at Growing Up Godfrey where I help other moms live, love, and teach their children with joy. I find no greater joy than seeing other moms rediscover the hope in motherhood! My secret: depending on my faith in the Lord every single moment of each day. And because He gives me grace, I give myself grace . . . I want that for every mom.


I am very excited to be contributing to Birmingham Mom Collective! I can’t wait to share my experience from the perspective of a black, Christian, homeschool mom in our diverse city. My goal is that as we all embrace our diverse differences, we then can use those differences and raise our voices to make an impact. Let’s change our world for the better!

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Krystin, who was born and raised in Birmingham, always promised that she would move away from the city the first chance she got. But Birmingham definitely got the last laugh! Now over 3 decades later, she finds herself married to an awesome guy who is also Birmingham born and raised and a homeschool mom to 4 amazing kiddos who get to grow up exposed to everything our amazing city has to offer. By day she is a blogger and influencer at Growing Up Godfrey, where she helps busy moms live, love, and teach their children with joy. And at night – you can find her hanging with her husband and kids. Wondering how she does it all? She says her faith in God is key. Birmingham was never part of the plan, but Krystin is daily falling in love with it all over again.