Birmingham Mom Collective :: Introducing Kimberly



I am originally from New Orleans, Louisiana but have lived in Birmingham since 2000. What I love about Birmingham are the little cities within the city. You can go five miles down the road in any direction and have a totally different experience. It’s a great place to be a mom because of the other moms! Your mom friends are usually the moms with kids of the same age. It’s great to have this support system of people who are going through the same growing pains . . . to seek advice or just laugh with. 


I am mom to Caleb, 11, and Shepherd, 7. One thing I love about motherhood is watching them grow in empathy, knowledge, wisdom, humor, and maybe sometimes height. But that height thing is also challenging. With the “height” comes the “feelings.” It makes you pause and reflect. A lot. 


I’m excited to be a contributor because I was a writer for 10 years prior to motherhood. I love reading, but being a writer allows me to flex my writing muscle. That muscle barely gets any exercise except in emails and texts. It also allows me to share the perspective of a transracial family. Until recently, I hadn’t seen many Black families adopting non-Black children, but seeing others like us has encouraged me to share our story