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I know I’ve found my “bubble,” and I love it! Moving to Birmingham as a child, I loved going to parks, the zoo, and of course, Savage’s Bakery for a smiley face cookie. We had the local “quiet park” which was amidst the beautiful trees on Mayfair Drive in Homewood. But we also loved the “loud park” with the huge caterpillar we could climb and creeks to run through. We took walks with friends and explored, using our imagination everywhere we went.

I have many reasons I love raising my kiddos in this big (but it really feels small) Southern town. As a mom with children of all different ages, we still go to parks like I did growing up. But we also frequent the McWane Center, our local library, the soccer fields, and (with a teenage girl in the mix), shopping at the Summit.  


I am excited to be writing with–and for–other moms. I have four children: Baylor (16), William (14), Whitt (12), and Lee (7). With one girl and three boys, I like to say, “We have a little bit of drama and a whole lot of dirt.”

Our house is old-fashioned with a cast iron bell out back so they know when it’s time to come home for dinner. We have a picket fence, trees to climb, and creeks to explore. I am a mom, simple and real, who believes in running around the neighborhood and playing games. Sometimes we have dessert after dinner, and sometimes I am boring and say no to extra sugar. When the kids were younger, I used to cheat at the game Clue. They wanted to play it so much that I would need to end it to get dinner ready. (Just keeping it real)!


I am excited to be writing for Birmingham Moms Blog, to continue learning, and to encourage others. I am from a big family myself. Watching my mother, I learned that motherhood is done alongside other mothers.

I definitely have a different perspective as my kiddos are spread out over almost ten years. I have lived through the long mornings of having three little ones close together. I’ve also experienced the balancing act of potty-training while parenting teens. One time, I was sitting next to the toilet with my youngest waiting to hand out a Skittle for going on the “big boy potty.” At the same time, I was telling my oldest how to respond to middle school boys who ask silly questions. 

How many hats can one person wear at a time? Well, I guess it depends if you have gotten any sleep the night before, and if you’ve been able to sneak in a quick trip to Chick-Fil-A for a Dr Pepper. Multiple hats is fun and stressful, so let’s put them on and take them off, and maybe even try on some new ones . . . together!

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Good Morning Mommas! My name is Jocelyn Martin who did a lot of her growing up in Birmingham. I am the oldest of 6 kids & so close with all of them. At Auburn University I met my much-better half, Marty We got married and within a few years started having our babies. With 1 girl & 3 boys we like to say, "we have a little bit of drama & a whole lot of dirt." Baylor (16), William (14), Whitt (12) & Lee (7) keep us busy with school, sports, singing & a whole lot of running around the neighborhood. I am an "old-fashioned" momma with a cast iron bell on the back porch to ring when it's time for dinner. (Although, truth be told, I do not like to make dinner. I do it because I love my crazy family.) I work very part-time at our church & love to spend time volunteering at the kid's schools. I love being an aunt. I love Chick-Fil-A Dr. Pepper's, a soft blanket & a good episode of Law & Order.


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