Birmingham Mom Collective :: Introducing Hayes S.



I am originally from Alexander City, Alabama, so I was always familiar with Birmingham growing up. I moved to Birmingham after attending The University of Alabama in 2012, where I began my nursing career at Children’s of Alabama. After doing a few travel nursing assignments, I returned to the Magic City in November of 2022 with my family! Birmingham is such a growing city with so much potential as well as history. I’m so excited to raise my boys in a truly southern city with all of it’s charm, closer to my family.


My husband and I welcomed our first son, Redding, in August of 2019. Twenty months later, Kenneth blessed us with his presence in April of 2021. They are both classic toddler boys, with a little bit of sweet and a whole lot of sour. Redding starts soccer soon, and they both attend daycare. 

Being a mom is such a complicated roller-coaster of emotions. It is beautiful, while also being so messy (mainly in regards to my new-found wardrobe and hairstyle). I’m excited to dive more into this while writing for BMC. I hope to share some not-so-unique perspectives and experiences. The biggest take-away is that I love being a mother to my two boys, but it is HARD. 


Being a part of Birmingham Mom Collective means that I can publicly share some of the best and hardest parts of being a mom. I’ve always wanted to be able to share things with new and expecting mothers in order to form a village of solidarity. “Village” is a term that I never knew was so necessary until I became a mom.  

I am also extremely excited to get to see the mom-side of being a Birmingham resident. There is so much to do and learn, and I’m ager to join this amazing group and make some lasting friendships along the way.


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