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I grew up in a small town on the Florida panhandle. While attending Auburn University, I met a Birmingham boy at Foy Student Union. John and I fell in love almost immediately, which took us both by surprise. Neither of us imagined we would want to get married so young, but I have never been so sure of anything as I am of him.

After a short stint in Georgia, we moved to Birmingham. John was back in the city that he had known his entire life. I was in an unfamiliar place and could count my friends here on a few fingers. I warmed up (no pun intended) to the idea of staying in the South and slowly started to find my place here. We have lived here almost fifteen years now, and I have fallen in love with this city. I’ve fallen even more in love with the friends I have made here. 


My road to motherhood was rocky, to say the least. I struggled with infertility for years, suffered several miscarriages, and gave birth to babies born too early to survive. I know. That was a lot of information for two sentences. That’s the CliffsNotes version of years of my life . . . so many tears and heartache. Somehow, on the other side of all of that grief, we became parents to three daughters. Adelaide is five, and Edith and Vera are a little over one. 

I am definitely a different mother than I would have been had I not been through all that. The bright side of heartache is how it makes you very acutely aware of a good thing when it comes your way. 


I am excited to be a voice in this space. We were meant to mother in community with each other. Raising little people is not an easy endeavor, and it definitely doesn’t come with an instruction manual. Ask those close to me, and they’ll tell you I am honest about my struggles and vocal about my passions.

My hope is that some part of my story–some fragment of my experience as a parent–will resonate with someone. We all have moments where we need to hear something that helps us know we are not alone.

I am also excited to meet other moms within our city and hear more about the resources and events available to us! Birmingham is such a wonderful place to live, and I am thrilled to call it home.

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Hannah Pruitt never thought she would find herself living in Alabama...due to the unbearable summer temperatures. Her love for her husband, John, apparently overrides her desire to know what winter actually feels like. They live in Pelham, where she homeschools their five year old daughter, Adelaide, while also chasing one year twins, Edith and Vera. Hannah can be found wandering in the woods most days, because hiking means she’s not at home to face the mountains of laundry and unwashed dishes. Her hobbies include playing outside, kayaking, needlework, cooking with John, starting quilting projects she never finishes and answering the question “Are they twins?”. Hannah is the local branch ambassador for Hike it Baby, and loves to empower families to get outside with their kids. If you see her around town, tell her she has her hands full...she’s never heard that one before.