Birmingham Mom Collective :: Introducing Gretchen



In the fall, you can smell the BBQ miles away and hear the rhythm of the drums playing on Magic City Classic weekend. Birmingham gives you the vibe you didn’t know you needed. 

My husband and I moved to the Birmingham area in 2015. I love the complexities the city has to offer. If you need a place for a date night, the city provides it; if you’re looking for family-oriented events, you can find one on any given weekend. 


I’m a mom to two beautiful Black boys; my oldest is three, and my youngest is five months on March 24th. I love spending time with my boys, and right now, I’m enjoying teaching my three year old and doing arts and crafts. The challenges in motherhood are common for every mom — tantrums and the lack of sleep during the newborn stage. I am reminded that these are all stages, and they pass. 


Collective means gather, unite, partner. Being a part of a collective allows me to connect with other moms and share my lived experience of being a mom and my life experiences of being a Black woman in the South. I am a storyteller, but I am not my story. I will provide the beauty of what it looks like when you decide to stand tall in your ashes and turn them into something beautiful. I am a survivor of Postpartum Depression. My story does not define me. It provides me with the ability to relate to moms and give a voice.