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The Magic City has been my home for my entire 31 years. In fact, my whole family started here when my great grandparents met on the streets of 5 Points South in the 1930s. While we migrated towards south Shelby County over the years, the city itself has remained the hub of our lives. It’s where I became a young adult, where I found sobriety and eventually my husband, where both my dad and husband started their businesses, and where I birthed my daughter. 

I’ve always loved showing off the city to unfamiliar eyes. Watching someone see the view from Vulcan for the first time or introducing some of our hidden gem restaurants and parks never gets old. The city is big enough to not get boring but small enough to be cozy and comforting. Being a mom and still calling Birmingham home is a gift because I get to share these experiences with my daughter.


I’m a mom to baby girl Elise (three months). She’s everything good and wonderful in this world. My absolute favorite thing is watching her experience life. My whole pregnancy, I told my husband “I can’t wait to share this with her” or “I can’t wait to do that with her.” 

The most surprising part of this journey so far has been how big the changes are in such a tiny blip of time; not only in terms of her growth, but mine as well. One day she was in newborn clothes and I was calling my mom or consulting Dr. Google for answers about what’s normal and what’s not. The next day while we’re putting away size three-month clothes, she fusses and I instinctively know if it’s because she needs a diaper, a paci, or a cuddle. 

As she grows and thrives, so does my confidence in my ability to mother.


No matter how many social media posts we scroll past thinking “OMG relatable!” there’s this underlying loneliness in motherhood. Our experiences are as unique as our babies and it can feel as if we’re never really seen. Some of us get up everyday and do a full face of makeup while others may not get their pants on. There’s also us in-betweeners that have to have mascara and hoop earrings for sanity, but simply cannot be relied upon to be better dressed than a spit up free t-shirt.

No matter where we fit into this title of “mom,” the point is we ALL fit. My biggest hope in joining as a contributor to Birmingham Mom Collective is to reach at least one mama and let her know that no matter where you are, you are understood, you are valued, and you are 1000% enough. And, it’s nice to have you in Birmingham!

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Chelsea Allin (31 years old) was born in Birmingham and both grew up /now resides in south Shelby County. Central Alabama is her home and her heart. She's a new mom to a beautiful baby girl, wife of a chef/restaurant owner, and a full time administrative assistant. To say her schedule is odd and full is an understatement (1 AM bedtimes, anyone?). She's so excited to have the opportunity to be a BMC contributor and connect with other moms to let them know it’s a-ok to not have a concise Instagram worthy schedule and that we truly are all just winging it.


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