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I have lived in Birmingham for the past 15 years. It is not where I envisioned planting my roots. It just sort of happened. I didn’t even change my driver’s license until I got married. It was slow and subtle, but a love did begin to grow. I moved here for graduate school and ended up getting a job. Pretty soon I had friends, a church, and more graduate school. I remember getting up on Saturday mornings, going to grab a coffee, and just exploring. I quickly became enamored with the food and all of the local restaurants. Lunch time was no longer a time for sustenance. It was an opportunity for an experience. 

Fast forward eight years to marriage and soon babies, and I am still here, happy to raise a family in this city. There’s no lack of things to do with small children. Sometimes we feel like downtown and enjoy the McWane Center, Railroad Park, and I try to grab coffee and a scone at a local brunch spot. We also frequent our favorite small businesses looking for kid friendly “treat” options, toy stores, and bookstores. There are many parks to enjoy, with the beautiful Oak Mountain State Park in our own backyard. We’ve even marked some of our favorite parking lots for hatchback picnics (thank you, Covid) and bike riding. Birmingham is small enough for a community feel but large enough for one to never feel bored. I have friends from all over the country and even world who call Birmingham, “The Best Kept Secret.” I must say that I couldn’t agree more!   


It is true that once you become a mom, it is difficult to really remember life before. It totally wrecks you but in the most incredible way. I thank the Lord all of the time for letting me be mommy to Cecil (four) and Birdie (seven months). I’m also thankful that, for now, they are smitten with each other. One of my favorite things would have to be morning time. Luckily, my two seem to be morning people (despite being awake before the sun). I love those first smiles, warm hugs, and the joy of what feels like a long awaited reunion. I also adore experiencing the love that a little boy has for his mom and the unsolicited accolades and sweetness that seems to pour out of him. I can’t wait to see what her personality will bring, but I can already tell it will be fierce. 

I tend to struggle with the need for everything to be perfect. Ha! I’m really trying to be more present and relinquish control as God, in all of his humor and goodness, continues to show me that I really have none. I’m never going to be the mom who always has makeup and “real” clothes on or has impeccable, highly organized closets. I have friends like that, and I love them dearly for it. It took me a long time to realize that it is okay that that’s just not me. 


Blogging speaks to the heart of an introvert, or an introvert who enjoys writing. I have never been a blogger, but I have been one to journal. This opportunity seemed to be able to combine that interest with the support of other moms who are in similar life stages and/or situations. What a privilege to make these connections and glean from others’ wisdom. I couldn’t pass it up. I am no expert, but I hope to use my experience with the adoption process, secondary infertility, and postpartum issues to help others know they are not alone. I know that helped me. I hope to also use my love for food to inspire fun and joy in our Magic City. 

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Carri has called Birmingham home for the last 15 years. She grew up in Tuscumbia, Alabama before spending some time in Tuscaloosa gaining a degree in psychology. From there, she moved to Birmingham to do her graduate work at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She and her husband met through a mutual friend and were married one year later in New York City. She spent six years as a third grade teacher and is now a stay-at-home mom to Cecil (four years) and Birdie (six months). When given the opportunity, she loves to read, cook, and even exercise (that's a new one). Motherhood has deepened her love for many things, coffee being close to the top.


  1. I love this “girl” named Carri! To know her is to love her! My daughter was friends with her in high school! Birmingham is lucky to have her! Loved this write up about her and her little family! May God continue to bless her!

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