Birmingham Mom Collective :: Introducing Cammie



I was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. I love Birmingham because of fall (my favorite season), winter, and spring. The beauty that Birmingham possesses is captivating and reminds me of time spent with family and friends. As a child, I was blessed to experience backyard BBQs with family laughing vibrantly in the background. Birmingham was the place to celebrate the things I loved most — family and fall.

Birmingham is a great place to be a mother because I have a strong support system within the city. Also, Birmingham has great nature walks, family-oriented outings, and just a great mixture of places for mom-children fun as well. I have connected with many women and families since motherhood. I cherish our relationship because I have learned many lessons that will allow me to grow as a mom and woman.  


I am a divorced mom of two beautiful and energetic girls — Morgan and Meagan. I admire them in so many ways because of their love and passion to assist others. It gives me the satisfaction that on this roller coaster of motherhood, I am doing something right.

As a divorcee, it has been a whirlwind raising these little ladies. I have experienced mommy guilt, high levels of stress, and feeling inadequate as a mother. I returned to college in 2014 and recently graduated from Birmingham-Southern College, Cum Laude style. When I reminisce on the journey, I am blessed to say #MeMoMadeMeDoIt. I hope they see the journey as a dedication to them as they venture into life.

The challenge I face with motherhood is juggling the many responsibilities that I possess. I work full-time, attend school part/full-time, and am a mother full-time. Many days I feel there is not enough time for me to accomplish all that I need to do for the day. However, I am embracing giving myself grace and starting over the next day. Let’s face it — we as mothers need to rest and rejuvenate in order to care for our children. I am a giver and have to make time for me to physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally reconnect so I can be the best version of me for my children and family. I will admit, it’s not the easiest task on my list. 


I am excited to be a member of the Birmingham Mom Collective. I would like to share my experiences as a mother with women across the city. I believe being a married, separated, and now divorced mother can provide others with encouragement as I share how I was able to face my reality and continue to push through many obstacles and difficulties.