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Hello there, Birmingham moms! I’m excited to meet you here in this online community for our wonderful city! 


I was born in Birmingham and grew up in Cahaba Heights. My kinfolk were some of the original residents of Cahaba Heights — or New Merkle, as it was called then.

My husband, kids, and I moved to Birmingham in August 2019, after spending the last twelve years in the Huntsville area. There is so much nostalgia here for me. I love taking my kids to get Doodles Italian Ice (where I worked in high school), getting barbecue at the now-famous Miss Myra’s, or running down to Cahaba Heights Hardware to get that one random item needed for a home repair.

There are plenty of great new places here, too! We love getting ice cream at Bendy’s and delicious barbeque at Martin’s. Overton Park is still a great place to run around, but we also enjoy Meadowlawn Park. I love revisiting the places that hold such great childhood memories as well as creating new memories with my kids. Living here as a parent instead of as a child feels like a new experience in a familiar place. And it’s only getting better! 


I met my husband, Brent, when I was in fifth grade. I had a hunch ever since that one day he’d be the driver of my minivan. Here we are! We got married in Cahaba Heights in 2007. Two years later, we welcomed our baby girl. In 2012, we experienced the deep sorrow of a miscarriage but were overjoyed in 2013 with the birth of our son. In 2015, we finished our family with another baby girl.

The challenges of motherhood are always changing. When one challenging season ends (like sleepless nights, potty training, and the terrible twos and threes), another challenging season bursts into our lives. Soon enough comes homework, extracurricular activities, and crazy sports schedules. But I believe all these challenges can be experienced with joy even when we don’t necessarily feel joyful.

One of my favorite quotes is from Elisabeth Elliot. I choose to see motherhood from her perspective. She says, “This job has been given me to do. Therefore, it is a gift. Therefore, it is a privilege. Therefore, it is an offering I may make to God. Therefore, it is to be done gladly, if it is done for Him. Here, not somewhere else, I may learn God’s way. In this job, not in some other, God looks for faithfulness.” I want to be faithful with motherhood, finding all the joy, beauty, and laughter along the way.

The joy to be found here is that we were at “The Happiest Place on Earth,” even if my youngest was not the happiest person on earth to see Pluto.


It is a thrill to be a contributor for Birmingham Moms Blog! I am a long-time blogger at A Merry Heart. I write sporadically when I feel the push to get my deep thoughts out of my head.

I do not consider myself a seasoned mother by any means; I will always be learning and growing in motherhood. However, after ten years of motherhood, there is one thing I know for sure: we need each other! Caring for children can be lonely, exhausting, and discouraging at times. But the good thing is, we weren’t meant to do it alone. We are surrounded by other moms who help us find laughter, joy, and purpose in the mundane. I believe all people have a need to belong and feel they are a part of something. There is so much beauty in community and people gathering together to spur on one another. I look forward to learning from all the moms in this community as well as sharing with you any encouragement, laughter, and nuggets of wisdom I have!  


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Brittany was born in Birmingham and grew up in the Cahaba Heights community. She recently moved back to Birmingham after spending the past twelve years in the Huntsville area. Brittany graduated from Auburn University and is an elementary teacher. Since moving back to Birmingham she is a special needs paraeducator. Brittany and her husband, Brent, have three kids, ages 10, 6, and 4. Brittany is a long time blogger on her personal blog at A Merry Heart. Her hobbies include writing, cooking, and laughing. Brittany loves to tell a good story, especially about people she knows and loves. She hopes to tell stories that make you laugh, encourage you, or leave you inspired. Brittany finds beauty in community and hopes you feel like family anytime you sit at her table. She’s a simple gal that loves Jesus, her family, coffee, and intentional time with others.