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I’m a Southern girl through and through, and Birmingham is the best place to call home! I’m a native of Arkansas who met an Alabama boy in college. We got married, traveled for several years, then landed in Birmingham in 2010. The Southern hospitality in this city can’t be beat, and the food isn’t that bad either! The restaurant scene is one of the highlights that makes the Magic City so magical.

As a mom of two boys, I also cherish the choices that Birmingham provides. Whether it be a place of worship, a sports league, or a school that fits your family’s needs, the possibilities are endless. The close proximity to the beach, mountains, and other great cities is also a huge perk for my road-tripping family.  


Motherhood has been a rewarding struggle for me. Postpartum and thirteen months of no sleep with my oldest made me swear off more children for at least three years. As a (slowly) recovering perfectionist who struggles with anxiety, mothering two boys is overwhelming most of the time.

There are messes, loud noises, constant needs, and chaos! Yet, I’ve grown to realize in my six years as a mother that I needed my sons to make me realize how strong I am. I can get through the hard days because they need me. I’ve learned what is important in life and what to say “no” to. Being a mother has also pushed me to seek community when I need help and to try to stop doing everything on my own.   


I am honored to be sharing my experiences and passions as a mom with other Birmingham moms. Blogs have always been helpful to me in my motherhood journey. I want my experiences to make an impact on a mom who may struggle with the same issues I do. Reading the words of another mom who may not know you but “gets you” is very powerful!  

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Brandi is a southern girl through and through. Born and raised in Arkansas, she met an Alabama boy named Michael in college, got married, then settled in Alabama a few years later after traveling and living overseas. Brandi lives in Homewood with Michael and her two sons Noah (6) and Sam (2). She has been a full-time working mom, a stay-at-home-mom and a part-time working mom, and she is thankful for all three experiences. She currently serves as the Digital Marketing Strategist for a Birmingham-based staffing platform that helps moms find flexible jobs with innovative companies. She is passionate about helping women find more balance in their lives and pursuing meaningful employment that works for them. ⠀⠀⠀ When she is not chasing boys, doing laundry, or working, you can find Brandi planning her next road trip, reading a good book, or walking around her neighborhood listening to her favorite podcasts.