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Warm greetings my fellow mamas! My name is Tanisha Foster, and I’m a Birmingham native. I absolutely love being in the Magic City! And I have enjoyed raising my children here. As a former teacher at the Advent Episcopal School with children who also attended, we have full access to so much that Birmingham offers. There is so much rich culture and history represented here, especially downtown. It truly is a magical place.

Strolling the downtown sidewalks of the great Magic City!


I am a proud wife to Brandon and together we share two beautiful children. I LOVE being a mom to our eight-year-old Carrington (Chop) and six-year-old Journey. They are new coauthors of a children’s book series. They adore snuggling up with mama and reading together. 

In my early years of motherhood, navigating food allergies for my son was challenging and overwhelming. Labors of love coupled with our faith helped us through. Together our family works to bring awareness to food allergies with our organization Chop Friendly.

On this motherhood journey, I have been fortunate to have fit into many of the mama categories: working mama, stay-at-home mama, food allergy mama, mom-tee (mom/aunt), homeschool mama, classroom mama, and neighborhood mama. So, when you see me out with a big “S” on my cape, know that I’m proud that I’ve experienced all of it. Mothering is such a hard, yet rewarding, job no matter which category you identify with.

From l-r: Me, my husband Brandon, daughter Journey, and son Chop 


An educator at heart, I have spent numerous years educating (STEM) in the classroom as well as in the Birmingham metro community. Insight from other moms has greatly shaped me as an individual. I highly value the perspectives of others just as much as I enjoy sharing nuggets of love, encouragement, and wisdom.  

Many moms come to me for advice, and I assist in helping and sharing personal and researched information to help them. I look forward to representing the amazing mothers in our community.

Community sharing in Birmingham’s 5 Points West.



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Tanisha Foster, a savvy and ambitious STEM & health educator and community organizer is the founder of Chop Friendly. She started Chop Friendly in 2018 after teaching her family, friends, and those caring for her toddler son how to offer him safe allergy-free foods. Tanisha is now promoting food allergy awareness and inclusion by educating and providing tools to families, schools, day cares, restaurants, and the community. As a mom-preneur and health expert constituent and grassroots advocate, Tanisha works alongside FARE to support state and national legislature of food allergies and with recent laws such as the FASTER Act.