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I was born in Pennsylvania and moved to Birmingham when I was a year old. While I am a northerner by birth, I am southerner at heart. For me, there is no better place to raise a family. Southern hospitality is a real thing, and Birmingham is full of it! Striking up a friendly conversation with someone in line at the bank or grocery store is pretty common around here.

What I really love though, is that Birmingham is so flexible. If you are looking for the city-life vibe, you can find it right here with music and restaurants and a big city feel. On the other hand, if you want a more quiet, family feel, you can find that, too, with strong, supportive communities. If you love the lake life, we have several lakes just a day trip away. And, to top it off, we are just a few hours from white, sandy beaches. We really do have it all!

I have loved raising my kids here so much! We love a quiet community, but we also love that we can venture into the city for some fun. We truly have the best of both worlds. As my children have grown, we have experienced the city in many different ways. When they were toddlers, we loved the parks, museums, the zoo, and the Botanical Gardens. As they are getting older, we love the restaurants, Barons games, and the various festivals and events around town. We have explored the city in many different ways over the years. One of my favorites was the graffiti tour we took downtown. We were amazed by the unbelievably beautiful “graffiti” our city showcases! For our family, Birmingham has been the perfect place to raise our girls. 

One of the many spectacular “graffiti” murals we found around Birmingham.


Being a mother is a special mix of joy and heartache—and every emotion in between. I am constantly amazed at my capacity to feel the deep emotions of motherhood while I continue to carry out the day-to-day practical tasks of life. God has graced mothers with a special strength for the purpose of this calling, and I am passionate about encouraging and empowering other moms in this way. 

My own two daughters, Katelyn and Sarah, are such a source of joy for me! They are kind and passionate and both bring their own brand of humor to our home. Honestly, I am literally surrounded by goofballs. In our home, there is never a shortage of hijinks, practical jokes, and laughter. These girls, though, have taught me so much about being a mom, and I love getting to know them as they mature. They are both so unique, yet so full of their father and me, that watching how God is molding them for His purpose has been nothing short of fascinating. 

Getting a family picture where everyone is looking, eyes open and smiling is difficult for us!


I am passionate about parenting, with the balance and intentionality it takes to raise children. As a middle school teacher, I learned about the teaching aspect of discipline and starting with the end in mind. As I studied parenting, these ideas developed into my parenting philosophy, which can be summed up as, “parenting for impact over impulse.” Through many twists and turns, starts and stops, God led me to start Seeds of Impact, a nonprofit for moms. We work with moms coming out of prison, addiction, and other hardships. As a family coach, I help parents build strong family relationships. I enjoy encouraging all moms and equipping them to step confidently into their God-given role as parents. I am excited to encourage my fellow Birmingham moms as we all travel the not-so-paved road of motherhood! 

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Rachel Gunn is a former teacher turned full time mom and family coach. She was born in Pennsylvania and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. Her fish-out-of-water life, melding her northern heritage and southern raising, has grown her as a mom and as a Christian woman. She obtained her masters in Education from UAB and taught middle school for ten years. She lives in the Oak Mountain community with her husband, Brent, two teenagers; Katelyn and Sarah, and their Sheepadoodle, Pearl. Rachel founded Seeds of Impact, a nonprofit with a mission to empower and equip moms to impact the next generation in a powerful way. When not working and driving kids around, Rachel loves to go on adventures with her family. They particularly love exploring the country by RV. To unwind, she loves reading mysteries and Elin Hildebrand novels.


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