Birmingham Mom Collective :: Introducing McKenna



I grew up outside of Birmingham in the small town of Hueytown. After a stint away for college, I found myself back in my hometown and ended up staying there after I married my husband. I love Birmingham and its many sub-cities because of how close in proximity everything is. Living outside of the city, I am able to enjoy the perks of small town life while also having quick access to everything the city offers us. Birmingham has so many things to offer to its residents, like theatre, nightlife, wonderful restaurants, pro-sports leagues, parks, hiking trails, and so much more. Birmingham really is the best of everything all rolled into one. Being able to access all of the amazing things Birmingham has to offer has played a major role in my motherhood journey. My children and I enjoy all of the libraries, parks, nature trails, etc., that we can find in Birmingham; It’s an added perk that you can get to so many of Alabama’s other major cities in an hour or two from here!


I have the honor and joy of being a mother to six amazing children. I am a bonus mom to Caden (nine) and Peyson (eight), and mom to Ramsey (six), Piper (four) and identical twin boys, Riker and Cohen (two). If my life is anything it is busy, but it is also blessed! I truly never envisioned myself as a mother, much less a mother of six little people! Being a bonus mom, mom of multiples, and mom in a large family is the greatest joy of my life.

With that being said, these roles have their fair share of struggles, as well. The family dynamic of a blended family with many children all close in age is one that is a constant journey in learning how to navigate it well. There are so many moving parts—places to be, appointments to go to, and extracurriculars to attend—that I pride myself on being as organized amidst all the chaos as I can be. The biggest struggle I have found in my motherhood journey is being okay with imperfection and not allowing my anxiety to take over my peace. Peace is really hard to come by as a mother of six, but I have found that it is easiest to manage when I remind myself that I am just one person, doing the best I can each day.


I am excited to be a contributor for BMC to share my tips and tricks for navigating large family life, all while homeschooling, working from home, and trying to maintain my sanity. My motivations are my faith in Jesus, belief that everyone is valuable and worthy of love, and attitude that success in life is what you make it. I plan on writing for BMC from a place of kindness, practicality, and respect for all. I cannot wait to connect with all of our readers!


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