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I was born in Anniston but have lived the suburban Birmingham life since I was two years old. My dad always worked downtown, and every time we’d drive the Red Mountain Expressway, he’d say, “I just really love this city. Not too big, not too small.” That always left me in awe of Birmingham, but growing up here in the 80s and 90s, there wasn’t much to explore. But, of course, we all know that in the last decade, something truly magical has happened in the Magic City. Keeping up with all the things to do–restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, revitalized neighborhoods, expanded and renewed everything–could be a full-time job!

I’m so proud of the way Birmingham has transformed and renewed itself, and we never miss a chance to explore all it has to offer. Our favorite spots are Saw’s Soul Kitchen, Saigon Noodle House, Saturn coffee, and The Backyard in Leeds. 

I’m always baking, creating, traveling, or otherwise “momming” over on my Instagram; I hope you’ll stop by and say “hey”!

There are so many great photo spots in Birmingham, like this mural outside Sozo Trading Co. in Avondale.


I’m a mom to two “Irish twinned” girls. Dhanya Sri, who we adopted from India in 2017, is almost nine. My oldest, who came to us the old-fashioned way, is also nine! We love watching The Sound of Music, going to Target, participating in Girl Scouts, and hopping on airplanes to someplace new. It’s challenging to parent them in the unique ways they both need, especially since they’re the same age. Fortunately, I’ve got a sweet husband by my side so we navigate these crazy waters together! 


Jenny, BMC’s co-founder and my long-time friend, reached out to me in 2017 to be a contributor, and I’m excited to finally be on board! My family and I are enthusiastic travelers, so I hope my time here will help empower other moms to take their kids to destinations that maybe feel intimidating or out-of-reach. Whether it’s creating a family-friend itinerary or getting there on a budget, I want to help you instill a love of this beautiful world in your littles while the wonder of childhood is at its peak. 

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Malinda Nichols is lucky enough to have called Birmingham her home for her entire life. She has two hilarious kids, both born in 2013. Evie (9), and Dhanya Sri (8), who came into their family by way of adoption from India. She was one of the first graduating classes from Oak Mountain High School, where she met her husband, Zack. She is a graduate of the University of Alabama, where she studied Fashion Design and Political Science. After a decade as a photo stylist, Malinda became a full-time history teacher, as well as an Ambassador for fair trade brand Noonday Collection. She and her family love to travel, watch Marvel movies, and eat their way across big cities. On the weekends you can find her restoring a 1964 vintage travel camper or renovating their 70s-era home. She is always baking, creating, traveling, or otherwise momming over on her Instagram; stop by at @malindkay and say “hey”!


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