Birmingham Mom Collective :: Introducing Laura M



I have lived here for two years. I’m originally from Jasper, Alabama. I love that Birmingham is a small big city. It is a great place to be a mom because there are so many activities to do with littles. Also, I love all of the moms I have met. They are so kind and supportive. It’s so wonderful to connect with other local moms!


I am the proud mom of Lincoln (three) and Julian (five months). I love being their mom because they are always so excited to play and laugh. It gives me such joy to take care of them each day. I find the integration of work and taking care of littles is a hard task. It can be a challenge to sometimes feel like I am pulled in so many different directions. Also, managing two under four is its own challenge.


My background is in English, so I dearly love to read and write. I’m excited to share my perspective as a working mom, and I am super passionate about the Montessori approach to raising kids. I also hope the tips and tricks I use to manage daily life can be helpful to other moms. I would love to make a difference and encourage other moms during such a special time of our lives.


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