Birmingham Mom Collective :: Introducing Kristy W.



Although I was born in South Carolina, I have lived in Birmingham as long as I can remember. Having grown up in Alabama, I have seen the city grow and change throughout the years. As I child, I remember enjoying shopping at Century Plaza and Eastwood Mall, spending Saturday afternoons at Eastlake Park, and cooling off with an ice cream from Baskin Robbins.

Like every city, Birmingham has evolved and looks very different than it did even just ten years ago. The two things that have not changed, and in my opinion have gotten sweeter over time, are the charm and hospitality! I cherish that pharmacies and grocery stores know people by name and that you will always get a nod or a wave from a passerby. I am fond of the unique places to eat and hang out. Most of all, I love the communities that make up Birmingham. I love my city!


It is a blessing to be mom to five amazing children: Bailey (22), Brady (19), Brennen (17), Riley (13), and Reagan (13). Like all parents, I do not remember life before kids. However, I can tell you life is very busy with one child or five! Through my journey as a mom, I have had older, wiser people pour into me and my parenting. As a result, I have managed to get a handful of things right, but I’ve skinned my knees along the way, too. 


It is an honor to serve fellow moms through Birmingham Mom Collective. Motherhood has taken me down many roads. Being a mom to my family has meant learning to navigate bedrest, dyslexia, parenting boys, parenting girls, managing multiples, and so much more. I am excited to dig in my heels, share my heart, and perhaps share a few parenting tips along the way.

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Meet Kristy. She is a wife, a mom and the director of a local preschool. Although Kristy was born in South Carolina, Alabama is where she hung her hat to raise her family. Kristy and her husband, Bill, met on a blind date 30 short years ago and the rest is history. In their 30 years together, they have welcomed five precious children into this great big world. Kristy and Bill have three boys and twin girls ranging in age from 22 to 13 years old. They love, live and play in the Dunnavant Valley community. When the sun is shining and the water is warm, you will find Kristy on the water in a kayak. When not on the water, she loves a good cup of coffee with a friend or Friday night date with her husband!


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