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Next year will make ten years that I have lived in the Magic City! Being a native Alabamian and from a small town roughly an hour away, I have always been pretty familiar with Birmingham. I moved here in 2012 to attend graduate school at UAB. Soon after graduation, roots became planted as Birmingham became the city where I started my career, got engaged, married, and delivered both my babies. Birmingham has truly become home. 

There is truly something magical about the Magic City. There is so much to enjoy and love. As a foodie, the food scene is definitely one of my favorites. There is always a new restaurant or food truck to try! Although Birmingham has plenty to do, it doesn’t hurt that if you want a brief change of scenery, there are a lot of other major cities (think Atlanta and Nashville), and destinations (like the mountains and the beach) that are only a few hours away.  

Being from the South, we strive to raise our children in a home that mirrors both my husband’s and my upbringing. Birmingham is a city full of rich history especially within the Black community. It’s home of the Magic City Classic, the Civil Rights Institute, Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame, and the Negro Southern League Museum, just to name a few local treasures that I am thankful to be able visit with my children to further educate them on Black history and heritage.  


Mommy is hands down my favorite title. I have the privilege of being mommy to a daughter, Kinslee (five), and a new bundle of joy, son Carson (two months). For years I absolutely loved being a “girl mom,” but now as a newly inducted “boy mom,” I think I’ll love it here, too! It’s such a blessing to be officially #momofboth.

Motherhood is such a rewarding rite; however, it is certainly not without challenges. My children inspire me in so many ways. I love kissing boo-boos, bedtime stories, and sweet baby kisses. I love the unwavering love of a child that keeps you going on the “unlovable days,” and the grace they give when you need it the very most. There is no question that the day I leave this world, I will leave it as a better person simply due to their existence. I am so incredibly thankful to have the honor of raising them both to be extraordinary individuals that will each do their part to impact and make the world a better place.

They say that, “Mother Knows Best,” but let’s face it: that statement should be changed to, “Mother is Doing Her Best.” The struggle is real. There is an enormous amount of pressure that comes with the territory of being a mom. The constant anxiety and worry of “doing what’s best” can be overwhelming. And the guilt and insecurity can be suffocating. What I have found to be helpful, however, is transparency in the struggle and assurance that I’m not alone. Having a solid village not only for your children, but for yourself, is also key. 


Writing has always been my escape, so I’m super excited to share on my favorite subject: motherhood. I have been a blogger for two years with my own blog “Beauty and the Briefcase.” I am looking forward to collaborating with other amazing mom writers to share in our own unique perspectives as mothers.

As a working mom, juggling both motherhood and career, I hope my writing inspires the career mom attempting to manage both, too. I am also passionate about equality, social justice, and community. I hope my contribution to Birmingham Mom Collective encourages both empowerment and unity amongst mamas in “The ‘Ham!” 

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Kiara is a small town girl raised in Oxford Alabama. She is a graduate of Stillman College where she received her Bachelors in Journalism and her Masters in Communication Management at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. After graduating from UAB, Birmingham felt like home and she never left! She married her college sweetheart and resides in Chelsea with their daughter, Kinslee (5), newborn son Carson (2 months old), and their 8 year old Maltese Bentley. Kiara has been a human resource professional over the last decade and currently is the Human Resource Manager for Cintas Corporation. She is also the creator of the career/lifestyle blog Beauty & the Briefcase. In her very “limited free time” she enjoys travel, fine dining with friends, quiet uninterrupted sips of coffee, working out, yoga, and of course blogging.


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