Birmingham Mom Collective :: Introducing Kayla E.



If you had told me ten years ago that I’d be living in central Alabama, raising twins, and married to the guy I had a huge long-distance crush on, I’d have never believed you. But life has a way in taking you in all kinds of unplanned directions — hence how I ended up amongst this amazing collective of mothers. I’m from Atlanta, Georgia, and lived there my entire life, but I happened to fall in love with an Alabama native. After several years of back-and-forth driving, we settled down in Tuscaloosa in 2016, where my husband, James, is a PhD student at the University of Alabama. Moving to Tuscaloosa was a massive change from the busy city life I was used to in Atlanta, but in many ways, it was a welcome change. I loved the slower pace and the quiet, small town, everyone-knows-everyone charm, which made it a great place to start our family.  


I was never one of those women who knew I wanted to be a mother from a young age, but as soon as my boys got here, I came to life. Shortly after we moved here, we decided we were ready to have our first child and, in the biggest plot twist either of us had ever experienced, we saw on my first ultrasound two tiny heartbeats instead of one. I gave birth to my identical twin sons, Alexander Rashad and Nathan Lee, on March 7th, 2017. After a premature birth and nerve-wracking NICU stay, they finally came home with us at two months old. Being a mom to three-year-old twin boys is every bit as crazy and exhausting as you’d expect, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. We have so much fun together, and seeing their relationship blossom and develop with each passing year is the greatest joy I’ve ever known. 


I’ve always loved to write, and I started my personal blog, Two Chocolate Faces, when my boys were four months old. Blogging was such an incredible outlet for me and a great way to feel like I was doing something just for me. I’m so excited to continue doing what I love but with the opportunity to reach a whole new audience of local mothers with shared experiences. I represent many unique sets of mothers — Black moms, moms of Black children, moms of multiples, NICU moms, teacher moms — and I feel honored to continue to be a voice for those doing their best, mothering like me.


  1. Wow, it’s been so exciting to see your family evolve over these years. From the moment you said you were pregnant, you’ve been a great mom. I love reading your tid bits….. kinda waiting on some company to sign your family, so I can watch you all become America’s favorite family🙃

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