Birmingham Mom Collective :: Introducing Jordan C



I was born and raised in Birmingham. I met my sweet husband, Shawn, when I was in middle school, and we have been together basically ever since. The only time I’ve spent away from this town was during my four years attending Auburn University where I received my nursing degree.

After school, we both returned home to Birmingham. While we may joke about living here or there one day, we always laugh knowing we aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

There is a lot to be said for living in a large city that somehow still holds a familiar, friendly, and sometimes mundane way of small-town life. We love living here because it is where we met each other, fell in love, found a church family, bought our first house, had our first child, started a business, and so much more. Simply put, Birmingham is our home.


My son, Sims, was born in April of 2020. While the world was shutting down, we were instructed not to let anyone hold him and to remain isolated during one of the most isolating times of a new mother’s life.

At that time there was little to no information on COVID-19. We were terrified we’d get infected and have to be separated from our newborn . . . or worse, that he would get sick. Oh the things COVID will never give us back! Thankfully, he’s happy, healthy, and has taught me a whole lot. Mostly, I’ve learned about love, family, and friendship–as cheesy as that sounds. I recently looked at my husband and said, “I can’t not be obsessed with him!”

It’s a crazy feeling to look at your child’s sweet smile and somehow forget about how he just dumped all the water from the dog bowl onto the floor, then threw a complete fit when you tried to clean it up. Children give us our highest joys and sometimes our greatest frustrations, but they’re all ours (for now).

I constantly pray that I will cherish this time with him while I have it, and that I’ll remember to thank God for every little moment that he allows me to watch my child grow. 


I am so excited and eager to join Birmingham Mom Collective, specifically since I spent my first couple months of motherhood mostly in isolation. But praise the Lord for my neighbors and the many, many socially distant yard hang outs that I didn’t know I needed.

I believe wholeheartedly the Lord created us to be communal beings, to live life alongside one another, sharing in our highs and lows. My hope is that somewhere within BMC (whether from me or another writer), you are encouraged to share your life and do life with other moms in Birmingham.